crafting 025

This is about as scary as I like Halloween to be.  ^-^


Recent Thrift Store Finds

I hit the jackpot the other day at my local thrift store.  WooHoo!

Look at this awesome shelf paper!  Still new in its packaging!  I almost don’t want to open it, but I want it on my kitchen shelves…decisions, decisions….

crafting 035

Oh, and NEW japanese painted plates.  I have a bit of an addiction to these things.  I already had 8 in a beautiful brown and orange flower print and then found 4 of each of these 2 prints.  Welcome to the family pretty plates!

crafting 030

Oh, and wait until you see this next treasure.  Oh my goodness I could hardly believe my luck!  A vintage pattern/fabric/instruction package to make this adorable bird apron!  I love this fabric SOOO MUCH!  And though the apron is cute, I think I’m going to make some cheerful bird pillows for my couch so I can look at these little fellas anytime I want to.

crafting 037


crafting 036

these birds are such GOSSIPS!  (Can’t you tell?)

crafting 038

and don’t you think this lovely lady would have a lot to teach us about proper hospitality?  I bet she vacuums in high heels and pearls…

crafting 033

All this (and a few other things!) for a whopping total of $4.50.



crafty afternoon

Teeny Tiny Fairy Tale Felt creatures

crafting 046

crafting 048

crafting 049

SnowGirl with a knitted scarf and  a present that actually opens up to reveal a tiny gift

crafting 050

A hat for a sweet new baby

crafting 002

And a sweet daughter who loves crafting with Mommy

crafting 023

crafting 029


crafting 053

A new necklace (and a proud 2 year old!)

crafting 055

An Autumn Playdate

crafting 013

Little girls are so much fun – especially the kind of little girls that play “princess star wars”  chasing the bad guys with lightsabers made of sticks while wearing their best frilly tutus…

crafting 005

crafting 011

Taking a break to play with chalk

crafting 018

crafting 028

With a captive audience

crafting 020

and lots of belly laughs…


crafting 016

New Job

Today was my first “real” day at my new job as Music Director/Worship Leader/Organist.   I was pretty nervous yesterday and spent 3 hours (!) practicing (and playing with sounds on the organ).  I was there so long that the pastor actually came over to make sure that my car hadn’t broken down!  [good guess, but not this time!]millie

Anyway, it went really well and no major issues except that I forgot to turn the organ on (!) at the 2nd service and went to play the opening chord to a hymn and of course, there was no sound.  Good thing that it quickly came to life when I flipped the switch [and no one was the wiser (I think)].

Some projects from the summer

before Kitchen FloorThe “BEFORE” shot of the kitchen floor

After shot of the Kitchen Floor

another after Shot

AND here is the AFTER  🙂


A new Playhouse for Claudia (fits over the dining room table and folds neatly away for storing).  I got this idea from a craft book from the library, and I’m forgetting what it is at the moment, but it was such a lovely book filled with GREAT ideas that were both simple and sweet.


claudia in the window

going inside


Oh Yeah, and a new Master bathroom Paint Upgrade and new floor.  I’ve been a busy mama.

before Bathroom before...

AND now, AFTER….

bathroom 001


The Workings of a 2 year old Mind

My children have always been literal in naming their stuffed animals…You may remember Mousie,  Mousie the 2nd , and Mousie the 3rd. 






may17 007

“MeeOww Kitty”

may17 035

“MOUSIE” (the first)

may17 034




may17 038


[who says “Yee Haw!”]