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Goat HAIKU.2


Neighbors Lazy Goat

You’ll be Tasty on my Grill

If you don’t Leave Now


Earworm, Hasselhoff & Miami Sound machine

bike.jpg  Garrison calls this “Edison’s David Hasselhoff shirt”.  Notice what good parenting skills we exhibit through these pictures – bicycle helmet snuggly on inside the house…no bicycle helmet anywhere in sight when he is actually riding his bike near the road

bike2.jpgTake a moment to imagine Freddie Mercury singing…”I want to ride my bicycle.  I want to ride my bike…”  If you do not know this song, then don’t imagine it and just enjoy the cute kid.  🙂  If the song is now sticking in your head & you can’t remember any other lyrics, then you can thank me for the random earworm of the day.  (earworm – the actual technical word for getting a song stuck in your head…such as always happens with anything sung by Gloria Estefan — turn the beat around…Love to hear per-Cussion…turn it Upside Doooowwwwnnn…Love to hear IT….Love to hear It…)

bike3.jpg 2 Cool 4 School

jack.jpg Grandpa Jack & Claudia looking equally surprised by the camera


(fuzzy picture)


 Neighbors goat.  My yard

Look for slingshot in garage.

dang, that goat runs fast.


Neighbor builds big fence

Keep pony and goat in yard?

They walk through big holes


My lawnmower breaks

Neighbor’s Goat eats all the grass

Good for something now

I smell burgers in my future…Ra-cha-cha, Here we come!


I am routinely walking into the nursery with  Edison being in the crib with Claudia.  He sneaks in there when I’m not looking & she thinks this is hysterical (as you can see in the picture).   [Meanwhile, I’m trying to not be the crazed mother — “GET OUT OF THERE THIS INSTANT!  YOU WILL BREAK THIS CRIB!!!” — ]  They are awfully cute together and Edison amazes me with how much love he is constantly displaying for this little GIRL creature who suddenly appeared in his life.  He has embraced her fully and accepted her immediately into our family as a valuable addition – even though she wasn’t the BOY he was hoping for.  It does make me pause and consider how quick I am to embrace and accept new people into my safe “circle” of my community – especially when they may not be exactly who or what I was expecting/hoping for.  I realize that my initial reaction is sometimes not out of love for the new person, but rather an on guard feeling to defend my little world from change!  I must miss out on a lot of joy and friendships this way!  I love how Jesus shows me things in my daily life to change my heart so I can be more like Him.


In other news, we’re off to Rochester to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, Garrison’s 33rd birthday, Nonni’s birthday (which fell on the same day as Mother’s Day this year – where she celebrated joyfully in Punta Cana) & hopefully rounding out the celebration by eating lots of burgers by the lake. ;0)  We’ve got Edison’s favorite pillow and Mousie the first all ready to go…Mousie the second is MIA and will not be making the trip with us.  When asked where Mt2 may be, Edison said “Oh, he’s on a date.”  ???!??!  Way to go Mt2!!!   I’m not sure who the lucky lady is.  Still to be determined…


Let’s Get this party started!

OK, so I am so inspired by Jodie’s blog that I am going to try to do one here in Carlisle NY.  It’s such a great way to keep connected to the daily life stuff that we miss out on when we are so far away from friends and family.  We’ll see how this goes…looks like fun!


We’ll start out with the cute kids category…Edison came running to me excitedly a few days before mother’s day and said “Mom!  I have a GREAT TESTIMONY!!!  I prayed and prayed that I would have flowers to give you for mother’s day and when I woke up this morning I looked outside and the WHOLE YARD was filled with flowers for you!” [dandelions]

   This was very sweet, but did cause some problems when it came time to mow the lawn and he had a meltdown that I was killing all of the flowers Jesus gave to him for me….


Claudia just had her first experience with “real people” food… serious-bananas.jpg…some mashed bananas that she did not seem too thrilled with.  More confused than happy.  This is her “whatchoo talkin’ about Willis?” face.