Earworm, Hasselhoff & Miami Sound machine

bike.jpg  Garrison calls this “Edison’s David Hasselhoff shirt”.  Notice what good parenting skills we exhibit through these pictures – bicycle helmet snuggly on inside the house…no bicycle helmet anywhere in sight when he is actually riding his bike near the road

bike2.jpgTake a moment to imagine Freddie Mercury singing…”I want to ride my bicycle.  I want to ride my bike…”  If you do not know this song, then don’t imagine it and just enjoy the cute kid.  🙂  If the song is now sticking in your head & you can’t remember any other lyrics, then you can thank me for the random earworm of the day.  (earworm – the actual technical word for getting a song stuck in your head…such as always happens with anything sung by Gloria Estefan — turn the beat around…Love to hear per-Cussion…turn it Upside Doooowwwwnnn…Love to hear IT….Love to hear It…)

bike3.jpg 2 Cool 4 School

jack.jpg Grandpa Jack & Claudia looking equally surprised by the camera

One response to this post.

  1. hey all this is a cool site. nonni just showed it to me and i immediatedly put it in my favorites. i really enjoy the info and the PICTURES of you all

    hello and love to you jack


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