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The prodigal Mouse…

mouse2.jpg                           edmouse.jpg

There was great rejoicing in our house this morning as Mousie the 2nd (who went missing several weeks ago) was found hiding behind a piece of furniture in the living room.  I heard Edison proclaiming loudly with a mixture of laughing and crying “Oh you silly Mousie!!!!  Hiding behind there!”  He spent the next few minutes so full of love in his whole being that he just hugged Mousie the 2nd close to his heart.  So often things happen here at home that Jesus uses to show me more of His character and His love and this was yet another moment when He whispered “How much more do I love YOU!”  And I am humbled and so thankful that my Lord and King in heaven would call me His daughter – and call me to come out of hiding so that He can hold me close to His heart. 

Oh – and check out Edison’s shirt.  It lights up when he moves.  Pretty psychadelic.




Yummy.  Strawberry pickin’ day…We have a counter full of strawberries, red stained fingers and sore knees from kneeling on the ground so long, but we will have a winter filled with fresh jam, frozen berries to top our ice cream and delish strawberry shortcakes.  Definitely worth the effort.  I’ll be starting the jam tonight after I get the kids to bed and none too soon since Edison has already eaten a whole quart…What a great way to celebrate the beginning of summer!


Through the eyes of a child…

For several weeks Edison has been asking me this question when we’ve been driving somewhere in the car…


Edison “Hey Mom.  What’s that sign on the road mean when the octopus arms are coming up and grabbing the car?

Me…puzzled by the question…trying to think of a way to respond to this strange aquatic sign he is seeing somewhere here in upstate NY…watch out for stray Octopi…?  Octopus crossing…?  Recent siting of the creature from the Black Lagoon…?  Squid shop ahead…? 


Today I finally saw the sign. 


musical-tune-icon37.gifI saw the sign and it opened up my eyes… 🙂

Today’s earworm.

Firsts of the season

Long time, no write…We had our first cherry tomato yesterday – actually, Edison ate the first cherry tomato – from our “garden” and he declared it to be “famfashtick” after stuffing the whole thing in his mouth and spurting tomato juice as he spoke.  I’ll take his word for it.   Note:  we got to it before the goat did.  🙂


This morning I had  my first “this is why I’m a teacher” moment with a particular student — I have this little boy  (he’s 10, so technically not that little anymore) who has been studying piano with me for 2 1/2 years now. He has natural ability/talent but until recently he NEVER practiced – he would just sight read his way through things – and I would get soooo incredibly frustrated & give him The Speech [“You need to PRACTICE…If you don’t want to take lessons you need to talk to your parents…stop picking your nose, please…I won’t allow you to take lessons anymore if you don’t start practicing because I have a waiting list of students who WANT to take lessons and will practice…”etc]  However, something shifted in him in the last 2 months and he started to *gasp* practice his songs and he is progressing rapidly — all this to get to this fabulous moment this morning where I was playing an  arrangement that he was going to start working on of Pachelbel’s Canon in D (famous for bridesmaids walking down the aisle) and I looked over at him when I was done and he had tears streaming down his face and he looked at me in wonder and said “that music did something inside of me and made me have to cry!”  What a great moment!

play that funky music white boy

Tunes for You 

Since I am a great lov-ah of music I thought I’d try to list some of the things that are making me happy these days in the world of music… 

Here is a web page to check out for some Minneapolis beats… — this is my brother’s website and I think you’ll dig the domo sound!  I don’t think he’ll mind that I lifted this photo from his site[Especially if he gets a new fan from here]  ♥  Here he stands, um, by a door…



Other music Kristin is diggin’ right now –kristin.jpg

  • Pink Martini – Hang on Little Tomato is peppier than Sympathique, but both groove
  • John Legend –  Once Again.  awesome awesome awesomeLove this!  Garr just bought me Get Lifted for Mother’s Day and I am also loving this… Fantastic.  Seriously.
  • Madeleine Peyroux – Dreamland is still my favorite cd of hers although I have her other 3 & they’re good too.  Maybe I’m just sentimental about that album though
  • People in Planes
  • Fred Hammond – gospel lift yo’ hands and worship Jesus music
  • Bjork – I love anything she does.  I just got Volta (also for mother’s day), so I’ve been listening to that a lot
  • Of course, anything at all that comes out of the mouth of JONI MITCHELL
  • Fleming & John – Delusions of Grandeur
  • Norah Jones –
  • Kicking it Old School with Duran Duran
  • the piano music of Scriabin.  He was insane and it shows sometimes, but very emotional music.
  • Bela Fleck & the Flecktones also Edgar Meyer (a stinking good bass player)
  • Jonatha Brooke – Plumb – what a voice!
  • Lucy Kaplansky – especially the Red Thread

One of Edison’s favorite cds at the moment is CARMINA BURANA by Carl Orff.  To any music head this would be funny/disturbing that a 4 year old likes to build Lego rocket ships to this music…and he sleeps to this avant garde lullabye cd we received as a gift called New York City Lullabyes that his friend Ethan says is “creepy” but Edison LOVES it.  He also likes Dan Zanes and Trout Fishing in America (funny & good folksy acoustic kids music) and any songs sung by those famous vegetables.

crazy happy


I’m not exactly sure how my days go by so quickly and I don’t have anything much more tangible to show for it except  a tray of frozen mashed up sweet potatos…But as you can see, sweet potatos bring great joy to the littlest person in our house.  I’m trying to make most of Claudia’s baby food from real people food instead of those really expensive little jars.   We’ve done the orange root veggies mostly with a few bananas and apples thrown in for fun.  So far so good.  Claudia agrees.


Claudia’s indifference about mashed bananas a few weeks back has turned into crazed joy at the sight of her baby spoon.  This is her reaction as I walked towards her to get her in her chair for dinner…All that you need to add in your imagination to complete the picture is a high pitched squeal & fast Barney Rubble-ish running feet as her legs pumped furiously in the thrill of dinner.  She is a Roberts through and through.  🙂


In the theme of The Joy of Eating…My new goal is to Lose my “baby weight” as fast as the baby is gaining it.  [keep in mind–She did get a 7 lb 10 oz headstart on me–  ha ha].  I successfully shed 11 pounds (almost catching up to her 13 pound body) but then I lost focus and gained ground in the wrong direction – oops.  


 Well, I’m off to save the world…or at least get some laundry done….Clean laundry.  A tangible task to be completed…♥

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary…

I am approaching the summer with great optimism in the form of my vegetable “garden”.  I am hoping the hidden Easter egg hunt approach will help to confuse the goat and keep him from eating all of our fresh produce.  This cherry tomato plant is potted near our back deck – for easy access – right near the potted parsley — I am imagining some simple yummy pastas in our future…Farther away on our property if you traipse past the mystery mound that does not grow grass, only gigantic weeds, you will find tucked away behind those strange weeds more tomato plants, pepper plants and pole beans.  Head towards the lilac bushes and you will see some tiny pumpkin plants (Edison’s addition to the garden) trying to make their way through our extremely rocky soil.  We have 8 little cherry tomatos already with no destructive behaviour from the goat yet…

Ok, I just made the easiest “cake” ever (in parenthesis b/c although it was called a cake – I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as such…)  Here goes…

  • 16 oz can crushed pineapple in its own juices
  • 20 oz can cherry pie filling
  • yellow cake box mix
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  • stick ‘o butter

Preheat oven to 350.  Grease a 13×9 baking dish.  Dump canned pineapples (w/juice) in dish.  Spoon cherry pie filling evenly on top.  Sprinkle DRY cake mix on top of that.  Sprinkle walnuts on top of that.  Slice up the stick of butter into think squares and lay all over  top of the cake.  Bake for 1 hour (my oven runs hot and it was done a little faster than that).  Presto – easy dessert cake-y-ish thing.  I put cool whip on top (because I cooked it the whole hour and it had, um let’s say, DARK top and so I thought I’d cover up the burnt parts scraped up exterior and my friend suggested she would have served it with vanilla ice cream.  Also a good idea, Helen!