What REALLY happened to the dinosaurs….

dino3.jpgdino2.jpgdino1.jpgWe’ve upgraded from the “bathtub swimming pool” (no sunscreen required) to the outdoorRubbermaid storage pool” (lots of sunblock needed on this white bread boy)where Edison rules over all of the plastic dinosaurs.

On goat news, I almost hit the goat with my car yesterday coming home from Bible Study  (I was coming home from Bible Study.  I have no idea where the goat had just been…) He was meandering across my driveway with a hungry eye towards our crabapple tree.  I did the right thing and hit the brakes instead of the gas.  Lucky goat…ah…the goat that got away…you may not be so fortunate next time! Mwaah Haaa Haaaa…….

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