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Tunes for You 

Since I am a great lov-ah of music I thought I’d try to list some of the things that are making me happy these days in the world of music… 

Here is a web page to check out for some Minneapolis beats… — this is my brother’s website and I think you’ll dig the domo sound!  I don’t think he’ll mind that I lifted this photo from his site[Especially if he gets a new fan from here]  ♥  Here he stands, um, by a door…



Other music Kristin is diggin’ right now –kristin.jpg

  • Pink Martini – Hang on Little Tomato is peppier than Sympathique, but both groove
  • John Legend –  Once Again.  awesome awesome awesomeLove this!  Garr just bought me Get Lifted for Mother’s Day and I am also loving this… Fantastic.  Seriously.
  • Madeleine Peyroux – Dreamland is still my favorite cd of hers although I have her other 3 & they’re good too.  Maybe I’m just sentimental about that album though
  • People in Planes
  • Fred Hammond – gospel lift yo’ hands and worship Jesus music
  • Bjork – I love anything she does.  I just got Volta (also for mother’s day), so I’ve been listening to that a lot
  • Of course, anything at all that comes out of the mouth of JONI MITCHELL
  • Fleming & John – Delusions of Grandeur
  • Norah Jones –
  • Kicking it Old School with Duran Duran
  • the piano music of Scriabin.  He was insane and it shows sometimes, but very emotional music.
  • Bela Fleck & the Flecktones also Edgar Meyer (a stinking good bass player)
  • Jonatha Brooke – Plumb – what a voice!
  • Lucy Kaplansky – especially the Red Thread

One of Edison’s favorite cds at the moment is CARMINA BURANA by Carl Orff.  To any music head this would be funny/disturbing that a 4 year old likes to build Lego rocket ships to this music…and he sleeps to this avant garde lullabye cd we received as a gift called New York City Lullabyes that his friend Ethan says is “creepy” but Edison LOVES it.  He also likes Dan Zanes and Trout Fishing in America (funny & good folksy acoustic kids music) and any songs sung by those famous vegetables.


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  1. Posted by JillM on June 20, 2007 at 12:17 pm

    You still love Jonatha Brooke after all these years? I remember the TAPE you make for me in college!!! Always loved her stuff but the tape broke way back when. Thanks for the list. If you keep it up on your site, I just might have the chance to refer back to it for my next purchase. You’re the expert!! These days I’m only buying off Itunes. Just bought P!nk’s “I’m Not Dead,” Johnny Lang’s “Turn Around” and the “Instant Karma” cd.



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