The prodigal Mouse…

mouse2.jpg                           edmouse.jpg

There was great rejoicing in our house this morning as Mousie the 2nd (who went missing several weeks ago) was found hiding behind a piece of furniture in the living room.  I heard Edison proclaiming loudly with a mixture of laughing and crying “Oh you silly Mousie!!!!  Hiding behind there!”  He spent the next few minutes so full of love in his whole being that he just hugged Mousie the 2nd close to his heart.  So often things happen here at home that Jesus uses to show me more of His character and His love and this was yet another moment when He whispered “How much more do I love YOU!”  And I am humbled and so thankful that my Lord and King in heaven would call me His daughter – and call me to come out of hiding so that He can hold me close to His heart. 

Oh – and check out Edison’s shirt.  It lights up when he moves.  Pretty psychadelic.


One response to this post.

  1. Good words, Kristin. thanks. I needed that today.

    I’m sending out a letter to you – hopefully today – maybe I can get to the post office this afternoon. I’m sending the novella back…


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