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goat3.jpgJust another morning conversation with my 4 year old…

Edison “Mom, how come grownups can have whatever they want when they want it?  Like a soda from the fridge and they don’t need to ask anyone?”  [side note – I was having pumpkin oatmeal & coffee…this was all random thoughts from his little bean]

Mom gives a complicated answer about growing up, paying bills, knowing what is healthy for your body [obviously not soda 🙂 ], generally too much detailed information and not the answer he is looking for at all…etc

Edison “Well, when I grow up I’m just going to have scrambled eggs.  All of the time.  Oh yeah, and toast.”

Mom “Where do you think you’ll live when you grow up?”

Edison “I’ll still live here.  Because your toaster is really easy to use….(pause to chew some toast)…but you won’t see me very much, because I’ll be out driving my monster truck….  Maybe I’ll come home for lunch…and breakfast…oh, and  dinner.”

Mom “OK,” drinking my coffee, “That will be nice.”


The Tao of Kitty


OK.  This is the perfect quiz to find out “how much you care about people and stuff around you”  Hello Kitty is now offering psychological helps to the uncaring people of the United States.  These questions may make more sense if you are Japanese.  My depressing results were a 40% caring “Basically, you don’t really like the act of caring.”  Maybe it is because I kept the red cup.  Perhaps it was because I chose to make soup in the bear pot instead of curry. 

I just tried the quiz again and answered differently trying to improve my caring score…but still 40%.  The Kitty must know what is really in my mind…

interview with a four year old

train.jpg[edison with his friend, ethan]

In the spirit of all of those forwarded emails I receive I thought I would ask some “get to know you better” questions to Edison….

mom: Let’s talk about your favorite things, OK?

Edison:  Ok.

restaurant?  That would be Chuck E Cheese (side note – he used to call this Chuck E Jesus which was always good for a giggle from the parentals)

superhero? Superman because he flies and he has a cape.  And my Second superhero favorite is Spiderman because he can web and he can jump REALLY high.  [“he can WEB”?] 😉

best friends?  Ethan and Josh.  And Dad.

food? mashed potatos!

color?  Blue.  And purple and green…[long pause]…and orange.

buddy?  Mousie…You know, Big Bird and Elmo are my vitamins?!

tv show? Ninjins.   Mom: you never even saw that.   Edison: “I know, I just like it” [for the record, Ninjins is Edison-speak for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and shortly after this questionaire we went to the library where we rented for the first time a cartoon of these troubled turtles…so now he has seen them]

game?  Connect Four & Honey Bees Tree

fruit?  strawberries!!!

vegetable? I told you, strawberries!!!  (I guess we haven’t really figured out the difference between fruit & vegetable)


During these questions Claudia provided some “beautiful” background music by banging on this xylophone and “singing” at the top of her lungs.  She’s growing up fast.

xylo3.jpgxylo7.jpgxylo6.jpg  Practicing for La Traviata…

Lazy days of summer

I am having a difficult time being motivated to do very much this week.  We had our gi-normous church yard sale this past weekend where I cleared out 2 stuffed to the ceiling car loads (Garrison’s car – so bigger then my teeny cavalier) of JUNK that has accumulated in our house since last year (Where does it all come from?)  So now I am setting my sights on the next thing, which is…I’m not really sure.  In between Back-To-School shopping for Edison (kindergarten -gasp!), trying to do freezer meals (a new thing I’m into so that I don’t have to spend time cooking every night at my laziest time of day [late afternoon] and I can just play with the kiddos instead),  trying to catch up on laundry that is (I swear) multiplying in my laundry room even though I am doing several loads a day (the maximum drying space I have is for 2-3 loads since I don’t have one of them fancy electric dryin’ machines), chasing the goat away from my flowers,  oh yeah, and I really should clean my house since some of my favorite people in the world are coming on Thursday…But instead I think I’ll take the kids for a drive to the Friehoffer’s bakery outlet and stock up on all the lovely carbs they sell there.

5191.gif Now let me just say, this is THE BEST product on the market in my opinion.  Don’t be turned off by this man’s naked back.  It is both Icy and Hot and really is fantastic – whoever made this is a genius and I love them.  Thank you.  You have also done too much heavy lifting and baby toting. 

God ALWAYS answers prayer!

   [thoughtful Claudia…]     re3.jpg


     We just got home safely from a slightly stressful trip to run errands.  Bible study – fine, no problem.  Pizza Hut lunch (where Edison has been begging to go to use his “Book It!” coupon from the library) – fine, no problem.  To the bank to make a deposit – fine, no problem.  Into the dry cleaner to pick up our down comforter and a tie of Garrison’s that wrestled with spaghetti sauce (and lost!) – fine, no problem.  Walk out of the dry cleaner, load the kids into the car, turn the key…and…wait for it…NOTHING.   Nothing but a click.  Engine dead.  Right then.  At the dry cleaner.  So Edison and I pray for a miracle “raise our engine from its death!!!”  (Claudia pensively sucked her thumb through the whole thing – she’s so laid back – see picture above)…. Ok,  Let’s try starting the car again…wait for it…turn the key…Jesus can walk on water…He can certainly get my car started…and???…nothing.  Sad.  So we traipse back into the dry cleaner where the little old lady behind the counter has been watching me (as I casually popped my hood open – like I had any idea what I might see.  “Hmmmm, looks like we’ve got plenty of Windshield Wiper fluid, so that can’t be the problem…:wink: “)  So anyhooo, there we go, back into the dry cleaner and ask to use the phone (yes, I may possibly be the last person on the planet who does not own a cell phone).  I call my mechanic and talk to his wife (who answers the phone) – while I’m describing the problem a woman comes into the dry cleaner and starts talking to me as I’m on the phone.  “don’t call a tow truck.  I’ll get your car going for you.”  So I tell Lorraine (my mechanic’s wife) “I’ll call you back”  Then this angel (aka woman at dry cleaners) walks outside with me, pops my hood, wiggles some wires around (she told me what she was doing, but I think she said it to me in Mandarin b/c I had no idea what she was talking about) and eventually jumpstarts my car – her hands get covered in car grease, but my car is running now so I can drive it to my mechanic (don’t need it towed – thank you Jesus!) where Bill (mechanic) quickly diagnoses that my alternator went bad & sends me home (because Garrison will be able to fix that for me, not because he is cold hearted).  Anyway Edison says as we’re driving home, “Boy Mom, that’s a real Testimony!  Jesus gave us that lady to fix our car so we could go home.”  I agree.  I have been inside tow trucks before (going to family reunion 2005 in Garr’s old Plymouth van.  We made quite the entrance at midnight.  Long story.) and they are generally not too kid friendly (no room for car seats, so baby rides Brittany Spears style on your lap).  On the way home every parked car that we saw Edison said “Maybe Jesus needs to send that lady to fix that car!  Or that car!  and that car!….and there’s one….and that car!”

We are happy to be home.  And will be finishing our errands on another day when we have a new alternator.

[Happy Claudia…]   reu81.jpg

Mimi & Pop Pop’s full house

    the cousins: re7.jpg Gabriel, Ethan, Margaret, Edison, Ilya, Adeline, Claudia & Avery


              Sorry about the lengthy absence…we have had a super busy July.  We spent most of July 4th week at the annual Edwards family reunion.  Garrison, Edison, Claudia & I went to Pennsylvania a day early so that we could go to Knoebels Grove [one of the best family amusement parks around].  Garrison and Edison rode rides all day long and Claudia & I wandered around in search of the best food stands (funnel cakes!!!) 


               Then it was off to Mimi & PopPop’s house for several days of chaos, general uproar and loads of laughs.  12 adults  & 8 kids.  It’s a busy time with a lot of people trying to fit in a lot of activities and a lot of conversations in a short amount of time, but we definitely have a great time seeing everyone & being together.  And of course the Edwards cousins had a blast – water gun fights, a trip to the park, wiffle ball games, sparklers on the 4th of July, fooseball matches and duck duck goosing to their heart’s content…

re2.jpg  Here Claudia is checking out the other “baby,” Avery (15 months).

re6.jpg        re5.jpg

Margaret (5) Edison (almost 5) and Ilya (5) ham it up for the camera.


I enjoyed watching these three play together — Margaret and Ilya giggling like the little girls they are and Edison crashing along.  How quickly they ran from game to game amazed me.  Edison would say “Do you want to play tag?” and the girls would squeal “YES!!!!” and take off at a full speed run from wherever they were.  Even though they hadn’t been together since LAST July, they fell right into easy friendship as though they had seen each other just the day before.