Mimi & Pop Pop’s full house

    the cousins: re7.jpg Gabriel, Ethan, Margaret, Edison, Ilya, Adeline, Claudia & Avery


              Sorry about the lengthy absence…we have had a super busy July.  We spent most of July 4th week at the annual Edwards family reunion.  Garrison, Edison, Claudia & I went to Pennsylvania a day early so that we could go to Knoebels Grove [one of the best family amusement parks around].  Garrison and Edison rode rides all day long and Claudia & I wandered around in search of the best food stands (funnel cakes!!!) 


               Then it was off to Mimi & PopPop’s house for several days of chaos, general uproar and loads of laughs.  12 adults  & 8 kids.  It’s a busy time with a lot of people trying to fit in a lot of activities and a lot of conversations in a short amount of time, but we definitely have a great time seeing everyone & being together.  And of course the Edwards cousins had a blast – water gun fights, a trip to the park, wiffle ball games, sparklers on the 4th of July, fooseball matches and duck duck goosing to their heart’s content…

re2.jpg  Here Claudia is checking out the other “baby,” Avery (15 months).

re6.jpg        re5.jpg

Margaret (5) Edison (almost 5) and Ilya (5) ham it up for the camera.


I enjoyed watching these three play together — Margaret and Ilya giggling like the little girls they are and Edison crashing along.  How quickly they ran from game to game amazed me.  Edison would say “Do you want to play tag?” and the girls would squeal “YES!!!!” and take off at a full speed run from wherever they were.  Even though they hadn’t been together since LAST July, they fell right into easy friendship as though they had seen each other just the day before.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Edison has the best hair! That was the first thing I noticed in “the cousins” photo… I’m excited that my kids will finally have their first real cousin soon – any day now for Jill… I’m glad you had a good time away. I was beginning to worry about you 🙂


  2. Posted by Nonni on July 18, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    Oh my goodness – Claudia is getting so big! I was just thinking she must be changing a lot, and logged into the blog to be delighted by the new pictures. Looks like the Edwards’ reunion was more than a blast!Glad you all had such a good time.


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