Lazy days of summer

I am having a difficult time being motivated to do very much this week.  We had our gi-normous church yard sale this past weekend where I cleared out 2 stuffed to the ceiling car loads (Garrison’s car – so bigger then my teeny cavalier) of JUNK that has accumulated in our house since last year (Where does it all come from?)  So now I am setting my sights on the next thing, which is…I’m not really sure.  In between Back-To-School shopping for Edison (kindergarten -gasp!), trying to do freezer meals (a new thing I’m into so that I don’t have to spend time cooking every night at my laziest time of day [late afternoon] and I can just play with the kiddos instead),  trying to catch up on laundry that is (I swear) multiplying in my laundry room even though I am doing several loads a day (the maximum drying space I have is for 2-3 loads since I don’t have one of them fancy electric dryin’ machines), chasing the goat away from my flowers,  oh yeah, and I really should clean my house since some of my favorite people in the world are coming on Thursday…But instead I think I’ll take the kids for a drive to the Friehoffer’s bakery outlet and stock up on all the lovely carbs they sell there.

5191.gif Now let me just say, this is THE BEST product on the market in my opinion.  Don’t be turned off by this man’s naked back.  It is both Icy and Hot and really is fantastic – whoever made this is a genius and I love them.  Thank you.  You have also done too much heavy lifting and baby toting. 

2 responses to this post.

  1. I hope we benefit from your visit to Frefhoffer’s… no pressure…


  2. Posted by Kristin on July 25, 2007 at 8:35 am

    oh, we will absolutely raid the freezer – there are many bakery options…I justify buying them by saying, “For when we have company…” 🙂 By the way Edison told me this morning he can’t wait to play with Ewan and show him all of his matchbox cars.


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