interview with a four year old

train.jpg[edison with his friend, ethan]

In the spirit of all of those forwarded emails I receive I thought I would ask some “get to know you better” questions to Edison….

mom: Let’s talk about your favorite things, OK?

Edison:  Ok.

restaurant?  That would be Chuck E Cheese (side note – he used to call this Chuck E Jesus which was always good for a giggle from the parentals)

superhero? Superman because he flies and he has a cape.  And my Second superhero favorite is Spiderman because he can web and he can jump REALLY high.  [“he can WEB”?] 😉

best friends?  Ethan and Josh.  And Dad.

food? mashed potatos!

color?  Blue.  And purple and green…[long pause]…and orange.

buddy?  Mousie…You know, Big Bird and Elmo are my vitamins?!

tv show? Ninjins.   Mom: you never even saw that.   Edison: “I know, I just like it” [for the record, Ninjins is Edison-speak for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and shortly after this questionaire we went to the library where we rented for the first time a cartoon of these troubled turtles…so now he has seen them]

game?  Connect Four & Honey Bees Tree

fruit?  strawberries!!!

vegetable? I told you, strawberries!!!  (I guess we haven’t really figured out the difference between fruit & vegetable)


During these questions Claudia provided some “beautiful” background music by banging on this xylophone and “singing” at the top of her lungs.  She’s growing up fast.

xylo3.jpgxylo7.jpgxylo6.jpg  Practicing for La Traviata…

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