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16 more days

ts.jpgOnly 16 more days and Edison will be boarding the bus for kindergarten…Since he doesn’t really grasp how long 16 days is we made a school bus countdown [sort of like an advent calender] where everyday he gets a different school supply or treat until the very last day when he gets to get out his new sneakers (light up Transformers!!!) and get on that big yellow bus.




Ahhh, the weekend…

if i were wealthy i would own all of these t-shirts from here, but since i am not, i enjoy them from my computer screen.  have a good weekend….


               “Good Intentions”


                                                                                “Skip Dessert”



         “Nothing Rhymes with Orange”  [oh, i want this one so badly….the joy on the fruit faces-hysterical]


“Fruit of the Negativitree” 


                                                                             “Planetary Status”  


“Marshmallow factory” – This is in such bad taste, but for those of us who lived on Lucky Charms through college and always wondered where those stale marshmallows actually came from…I wish that you could see the unicorns face better in this little pic.  Priceless.

Exploring the outdoors

baby-141.jpg     I’ve been home for a while now, but, alas I have not been too faithful about typing in blog land…Claudia has been “cranky” [for those of you who know her personality well, you know that even cranky is mild since she usually tempers everything with a big grin, a growl and a giggle].  But the offending member finally made its appearance in the form of a little jagged white tooth that broke through her gums today.  It was a gorgeous day, so even though there is a yucky dead mouse in a bucket of water outside our garage door (don’t ask) we all went outside to celebrate the new tooth.  Above is a picture of our ONE rose on our rosebush.  Is that normal?  To only get one rose?  Well, it’s pretty anywhoooo…

baby-041.jpg           baby-043.jpg 

 Sequence of events….Claudia finds the grass.  Claudia picks the grass…”Hey, that looks good for eatin’!”

 baby-047.jpg     baby-050.jpgbaby-051.jpg       

Um, Maybe not so good for eatin’……    




Here she is seeing if her new tooth can chew through the plastic Little Tykes swing.


Edison has been listening to the same BACKYARDIGANS cd for 2 weeks straight.  Every day.  Practically ALL day.  He is in love.  I am losing my mind.  And singing Backyardigan songs in my sleep.  Garrison is away all week every evening doing rehearsals for a local production of “OKLAHOMA!”   Even Surrey with the Fringe on top would be better to have stuck in my head than some of these Backyardigan killers.

Other random news, our neighbors (with the goat) just bought themselves a baby cow.  Don’t you have laws against that? you ask.  Unfortunately, no.  Do not complain when your town says you can only have one lawn ornament or that you can only bring your trash out to the curb after 7 pm the night before it is picked up by the garbageman.  There are REASONS for these rules!  Where we live it’s like going back in time to the wild west.  The only rule (and this one is only loosely enforced) is that you can only have two unregistered (i.e. no wheels, up on cinderblocks, been there since 1987, etc) vehicles in your yard.

Fun With Movable Letters


In the famous words of Ahhnold…”I’ll be back”.  After being gone.  For a few days.  Not to worry.  🙂

And if you want to make your very own church sign just go here.


Hairspray & Welcome guests

Oh, the HEAT and HUMIDITY!!!!   aaarrgggh…. This morning we had a “Sound of Music kids all jumping on the bed in the lightning storm” moment – where Edison kept trying to convince Claudia “don’t be afraid!  It’s not a monster coming at us, it’s just thunder and lightning”  Of course, sweet Claudia just grinned at him as he “bravely” hid behind my skirt at every thunder clap.  I will say, it was an intense storm – including HEAVY rain & Lots of marble sized hail.  It is funny to see ice falling from the sky when it is 92 degrees outside.  It doesn’t seem possible…


Last night I went to see Hairspray – a super fun feel-good movie that I enjoyed even more than I thought I would.  It made me want to have all of those adorable 60’s dresses with the huge puffy crinoline skirts.  I would LOVE one (or two!!) of those.  Maybe I’ll find a vintage pattern somewhere.  But even then I’m not sure I could whip that up on my machine.  A dress like that would go really well with my growing collection of vintage aprons that I’m always wearing around my house.  I’m not sure why these went out of vogue – they are both super cute & useful.  Maybe they will make a comeback.  They already have in my house.



“Let love of the brethren continue.  Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”  Hebrews 13:1-2

This week has been a busy week in our house.  On Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday we had different guests here – Monday, our friend J came for a late dinner; Tuesday, a friend came to talk to Garrison; Wednesday, our friend G was in Schenectady on a business trip and he ended up coming here for dinner and staying overnight so Garrison could take him to the airport early Thursday morning…Anyway, I was starting to feel a little LESS than hospitable at this point, with all of the meals I was making, cleaning I needed to do (even though I did get to wear my cute aprons 🙂 ), extra laundry, etc…  But once again, the Lord encouraged me through the mouth of my son as we were driving home from town yesterday.  We passed someone’s summer residence that they had named with a big sign “Tramonti View” — Edison asked me what the sign said and what it meant.  I explained to him that sometimes people name their homes and I asked him, “What would you name our house?”  He was quiet for a moment and then he said to me, “I’m thinking, Mom”  I waited another minute or so and heard him say, ” ‘Visitors Welcome.’  That is what I would name it.”  That makes every single handwashed dish worth it, to see the character in this little boy whose heart is truly to welcome people into our home.  We have never once spoken to Edison about the subject of hospitality, but children really do learn from watching the world around them, and I am thankful that Jesus gave me this encouragement to keep doing His work and opening our home to those who need His peace and rest.