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Sick day

Edison threw up on the bus yesterday on his way home from school (Sorry, Mrs. Schufelt…) & woke up this morning saying he felt like he was going to throw up again, so we kept him home from school today. He spent the entire morning lieing on the couch  watching PBS kids (and begging to go back to school “Please…I Promise I feel better…I don’t want to miss my “T” party – a celebration of, you guessed it, the letter T — they were going to have tea & toast and they were all supposed to wear tee-shirts).  He is feeling better now and as we ate lunch he said to me, “You know, I really like Mr. Rogers.”  I said, “Yeah, me too.  Why do you like him?”  and he answered “Because he always reminds us that we don’t need to be afraid of going down the drain in the bathtub…That’s good.”

I had no idea that he had any fear of going down the drain.  But Mr. Rogers has been quietly reassuring him through the years that he’ll be OK.  I love that guy.  🙂


Trust issues


                      This morning as I stood outside  with Edison, waiting for the bus, I started thinking that we have all quickly adjusted to him being in school.  It always felt like such a BIG DEAL in my mind.  Kindergarten.  The great unknown.  Yet in just a few weeks I am comfortably standing on Route 20 (the same Route 20 that starts in Boston & ends in Oregon) in my reindeer pajamas with a cup of coffee in one hand and an armful of Claudia on my hip.  Casually chatting about Edison’s school day ahead – making sure he has his shoe box that they’re decorating and his lunch money tucked away.    And then he’s on the bus and I’m left thinking about this next stage of parenting we’re entering with him.  Raising a child to love the Lord while he’s being influenced so greatly by his friends at school (none of whom we know yet).   Realizing he will be interacting with some fabulous adults (his teacher!  We LOVE her!) and some not so kind adults (the school nurse and secretary – who both seem to hate children.  And parents.  But I’ll try to have enough self-control to not write about them…)

                      Garrison said to me recently that he wasn’t sure if he was spending enough “quality time” with Edison…he said that all they have been doing lately is playing soccer, reading books, working on the car together.  I pointed out that those things sound like the very definition of quality time, but I know what he means.  We can feel how important it is for us to impart morals, values, etc into his little soul.  It happened quickly – that time crossing over from being with me ALL of the time and having basically all of his input from us, to spending most of his awake time in the company of people we don’t even know.  I was recently talking to the Lord about this – unloading the worry in my heart and He reminded me in that still, small voice…Edison was created by Me.  He does not belong to you.  He belongs to Me.  You are taking care of him for a little while, but I will be watching over him ALWAYS.  Everywhere.  Do you trust Me to keep him safe?…It really puts your faith on the line when you see your little child with his too big backpack carefully making his way up the big steps on the school bus.   But I am learning to trust Jesus more with my children everyday.  And as long as I keep putting Edison in the Lord’s hands, I know that He is in the best hands.


Claudia’s Poker Face

         “Hey Mom, You Wanna Play Go Fish?”

        “I ain’t gotz no Turtle Cards!”

Cleaning up the streamers

     So the big birthday weekend has come and gone and I am now trying to get our house back in order.  Edison turned 5 on Friday, the 21st – and in his words, “it feels just like 4 only I think I might be a little bigger.”  The weekend before his birthday Nonni and Grandpa Jack came with lots of presents and a Hot Wheels cake. 

Then on Friday Edison wanted to have “the Hungry Catepillar” cupcakes for his classroom so we made those.   


And as if that wasn’t nearly enough sugar for a little boy he and I made a CandyLand cake for his birthday party that we had on Saturday with some of our friends.   It looked really cute, but wasn’t the greatest flavor combinations 🙂  I took these pictures as I realized part of the icing on the “castle” was starting to melt from the heat – it was in the high 80’s on Saturday.  I’m ready for fall to actually start.  All the tree leaves are changing but the weather is like summer time.  Too weird.



Time is passing so quickly – Garrison and I just look at him and say “5?!!?”  How did that happen? 



The newest member of our family

organ11.jpgSo I’d like to introduce everyone to the newest member of our family…our new organ.  Grandpa Jack’s Uncle Charlie gave us this instrument and we could not be more excited (I know there are those of you out there who can not understand being excited to have an organ in your playroom, but as a nerdy organ minor in college this is something I never thought would happen)…cue the sappy violins and happy ending credits.  🙂

When Edison came home from school on Monday he didn’t ask his normal “Can I watch PBS kids?”, He ran in the house asking “Can I play the organ?”  So I’ve been hearing a lot of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & Mary had a Little Lamb as well as all kinds of, shall we say, 20th century sounding music from him.

                                               organ2.jpg  Grandpa Jack enjoys the music after hefting the organ off of the truck.

Not wanting to be left behind on anything, Claudia plays along on her little piano…  organ3.jpg  Oh, and by the way, I actually have been able to wrestle Edison off a few times so that I could play it too.  I just need to get my special organ shoes from my parents attic in PA and I’ll really be in business.  🙂

And we’re off and running

school6.jpg So, the first day of kindergarten.  Edison had a little trouble getting out of bed “MoMmmmm….I am still tired.  I have more sleeping to do!”  But once he was out of bed he got ready quickly for his big day, finally getting to wear his new Transformers sneakers.  After much praying and consideration we decided to send him to public school [very last minute, but sometimes God asks us to be flexible and obedient in the moment — something I am slowly learning]  In the flurry of last minute registration [coupled with an extremely cranky school secretary] he did not get his bus tag that tells the bus driver/teachers who he is and where he needs to go.  So to his slight disappointment, he wasn’t able to ride the bus in, instead we drove him in to school, met his teacher (Mrs. Nadeau – a tiny, energetic and VERY sweet woman) and helped to put his backpack in his tiny cubby.  Then Garrison, Claudia and I left him playing with his new friends – he was already comfortable, excited and ready to get the day started.  I thank God that he is so good at making friends and adapting to new situations.  So Claudia and I are at home, quietly looking at each other.  As we drove home she kept saying “bo?  bo?  bo?”  and she had her hand up in a questioning manner.  But then, miraculously, she fell asleep in her carseat!!!  She never sleeps in her carseat b/c she is too busy being social and giggling with Edison. 

school1.jpg                     school7.jpg


                                             last yard run of summer….

school5.jpg          claudia1.jpg

A quick game of “catch and roll” with Daddy and Claudia before we head to the car.

Labor Day Weekend

paella.jpgThis Paella started off our Labor Day Weekend, along with a big pitcher of Sangria…

Then on Monday we were invited to tag along with our friends Dave, Rachel & their daughter Ariana (baby number 2 is due in January – on Claudia’s birthday!) to Minekill State Park.  What a gorgeous place and it was a fantastic day!  The park was practically EMPTY and so we had a truly peaceful and relaxing labor day.  Edison and Ariana spent the day swimming in the pool (with the coolest Mushroom waterfall), building forts out of folding chairs & blankets, and sneaking brownies.  🙂

park5.jpg                    park3.jpg


park6.jpg                 park11.jpg

Rachel holds Claudia…..                                                                   Claudia finally passes out in her stroller…