Cleaning up the streamers

     So the big birthday weekend has come and gone and I am now trying to get our house back in order.  Edison turned 5 on Friday, the 21st – and in his words, “it feels just like 4 only I think I might be a little bigger.”  The weekend before his birthday Nonni and Grandpa Jack came with lots of presents and a Hot Wheels cake. 

Then on Friday Edison wanted to have “the Hungry Catepillar” cupcakes for his classroom so we made those.   


And as if that wasn’t nearly enough sugar for a little boy he and I made a CandyLand cake for his birthday party that we had on Saturday with some of our friends.   It looked really cute, but wasn’t the greatest flavor combinations 🙂  I took these pictures as I realized part of the icing on the “castle” was starting to melt from the heat – it was in the high 80’s on Saturday.  I’m ready for fall to actually start.  All the tree leaves are changing but the weather is like summer time.  Too weird.



Time is passing so quickly – Garrison and I just look at him and say “5?!!?”  How did that happen? 



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