Trust issues


                      This morning as I stood outside  with Edison, waiting for the bus, I started thinking that we have all quickly adjusted to him being in school.  It always felt like such a BIG DEAL in my mind.  Kindergarten.  The great unknown.  Yet in just a few weeks I am comfortably standing on Route 20 (the same Route 20 that starts in Boston & ends in Oregon) in my reindeer pajamas with a cup of coffee in one hand and an armful of Claudia on my hip.  Casually chatting about Edison’s school day ahead – making sure he has his shoe box that they’re decorating and his lunch money tucked away.    And then he’s on the bus and I’m left thinking about this next stage of parenting we’re entering with him.  Raising a child to love the Lord while he’s being influenced so greatly by his friends at school (none of whom we know yet).   Realizing he will be interacting with some fabulous adults (his teacher!  We LOVE her!) and some not so kind adults (the school nurse and secretary – who both seem to hate children.  And parents.  But I’ll try to have enough self-control to not write about them…)

                      Garrison said to me recently that he wasn’t sure if he was spending enough “quality time” with Edison…he said that all they have been doing lately is playing soccer, reading books, working on the car together.  I pointed out that those things sound like the very definition of quality time, but I know what he means.  We can feel how important it is for us to impart morals, values, etc into his little soul.  It happened quickly – that time crossing over from being with me ALL of the time and having basically all of his input from us, to spending most of his awake time in the company of people we don’t even know.  I was recently talking to the Lord about this – unloading the worry in my heart and He reminded me in that still, small voice…Edison was created by Me.  He does not belong to you.  He belongs to Me.  You are taking care of him for a little while, but I will be watching over him ALWAYS.  Everywhere.  Do you trust Me to keep him safe?…It really puts your faith on the line when you see your little child with his too big backpack carefully making his way up the big steps on the school bus.   But I am learning to trust Jesus more with my children everyday.  And as long as I keep putting Edison in the Lord’s hands, I know that He is in the best hands.


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  1. good words, friend. I’m sure it’s a daily surrender to put him on the bus, especially knowing it wasn’t your original plan… God is good to give us what we need.

    and your flowers look nice, by the way 🙂


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