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Halloween parade

Edison had his kindergarten costume parade today.  He was Buzz Lightyear and his good friend, Jacob, went as Woody.  They didn’t plan it, but they got pretty excited about it.


Edison’s kindergarten class (he’s in the middle in the back).  One of his “best friends” is Spiderman in the front – her name is Emily and she’s “pretty cool”.  [Not like those princesses and tinkerbells…]  Mrs. Nadeau is actually a pink crayon, not wearing a dunce cap as it appears in this particular photograph…


Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear and a Superman who has to pee congregate on the stage during the parade…


Buzz & Woody waiting for their donuts and cider…


…oh yeah, and look at this cute ladybug/martian…you can decide which one she was.


c2.jpg More fall photos…Today is the 31st of October.  To many of you that means Halloween.  To me it is the Police concert at Madison Square Garden that I will not be going to.  We weren’t able to find anyone to watch the kids overnight and we weren’t sure if we’d be able to catch the last train out of the city after the concert, so I am putting on my big girl panties and not complaining, even though Garrison will be having fun (and was able to easily find someone to take my ticket)… Even though it was supposed to be an early birthday present for me…sigh…Enough belly-aching.  I will be going to Edison’s kindergarten costume parade instead and then to our church’s big harvest party which will be fun.  So I will be seeing a miniature Buzz Lightyear,but I will not be seeing Sting.  So sad.  My friend Debbie said she would sing through all of the Police songs with me tonight at the party.   Me crying into my apple cider…”don’t stand so close to me…” 


As for the mouse…he went into the mice cube (yippee) and he is still in there pacing (creepy)…Neither Garrison nor I want to pick it up b/c we can’t figure out how to pick it up without making the swinging trap door open up enough for this jittery mouse to  jump out.  So we’re waiting for him to “expire” as the box says.  Not quite as humane as the creator of the trap was hoping we would be, but that is the punishment this mouse gets for pooping all over my floor.  We could let him go in the hopes that it scared him enough to go tell his rodent friends…

Mice Cube



We’ve been enjoying the start (finally!!!) of the cooler fall weather by spending a lot of time outdoors but all 4 of us have been sick off and on with coughs, runny noses, fevers, etc… and so I’ve been using most of my energy to try to keep the house somewhat clean, the family fed, and the laundry, um,  laundered.  But on these beautiful fall days (I love this time of year) I’ve been taking Claudia outside to play in the leaves while we wait for Edison to come home from school.  It is so fun to watch a 9 month old “discover” crunchy leaves and other things we always take for granted.  In the picture above Edison had just found a small blue colored rock and was showing it to Claudia.  They were both fascinated with it for quite awhile. 

c81.jpg    c9.jpg


 It’s field mouse season and we have one who has become WAY too comfortable in our house, so off to Walmart I went after watching him run through the living room many times – even being so bold as to run between my legs in the kitchen the other morning while I was getting Edison’s things ready for school.  He is a tiny black mouse (ick) and we recently watched him ACTUALLY run up the grandfather clock! [No kidding!]  (hickory dickory dock…)


Garrison says “just step on him!” – I have to tell you, that is NEVER going to happen.   Way too gross for me.  We tried D-Con (poison) but I was feeling uncomfortable having that in the house when Claudia is creeping around everywhere, so I went to get the tray and it was GONE — the mouse had dragged it to his little hidey-spot…grr….but, it didn’t kill him.  So last night we set up the “mice cube” with the cracker & peanut butter they suggested.  The mouse was able to wedge the cracker into the door and get back out.  So we rigged it again…smaller cracker this time…we’ll see how it goes.  🙂  I love step 3 – Neat & Clean!  Mouse will expire if left in Mice Cube….

Goat updates

goat_small.gifSo, I’m sure you are all wondering….”what about the goat?  We haven’t heard about the goat for a long time!  Tell us about the goat!!!”  The goat has still been driving us crazy.  I won’t mention the latest scheme that Garrison has dreamed up other than to say that it includes me chasing the goat while Garrison waits in hiding, jumping out at the last minute, leading to some unpleasantness for the goat.  I am against this plan for several reasons (even though  I would not be sad to see the goat die of natural or semi-truck causes).  However, this mean goat recently killed their COW(!), and, well, Garrison is smaller than a cow.  So I don’t think it is the safest plan.  Although he says he has knowledge on his side — and opposable thumbs.  Two things that the cow was missing.    Seriously.  I just never thought about a goat being able to (or seeing any reason to) kill a cow. 


Oh you stupid goat

Thinks our yard is smorgasbord

Eats till trees are dead 😦

After the goat ate our beautiful ornamental crabapple tree in our front yard we decided to plant a new one.  Our friend, John – landscaper extraordinaire – went to a nursery and picked out a bigger and better tree for our yard and planted it for us the day before we left for our weekend in Niagara Falls.  When we returned home from our trip we discovered – you guessed it – chewed up tree limbs and bark missing from a section of the tree.  Also the goat had eaten ALL of the leaves except ONE! from our Redbud tree.  Grrrr….So John comes back over to “reinforce” our trees.  Now our trees look like they are in jail. 

fall2.jpg        tree2.jpg

Redbud tree WITH leaves….and Redbud tree With LEAF and Fort Knox protection

fall4.jpg  tree1.jpg

New crabapple tree (in front of dead crabapple leftover stick)  & now…ah, the beauty (?)

 But in other happier rural news, the cows have come home to our “backyard enchanted forest of cows” — the cows were gone for about a year and they are back and grazing and totally fun to watch.  They come crowding towards me when I’m in the backyard doing anything (we are separated by an electric fence which usually keeps them on their own side).


As long in the world as in utero….

Claudia is 9 months old now and we are starting to see her personality emerging more and more.  It is so interesting to watch how she “figures things out” in comparison with how Edison did things at this age/stage.  Our playroom/office/organ room has one step to get into the kitchen and I remember Edison cautiously trying to figure out how to get up that step (without getting hurt) so he could get into the kitchen.  Claudia, on the other hand, saw Edison in the kitchen a few days ago while she was with me in the playroom and she grunted, hurtled her body up into the kitchen, turned around to grin at me and quickly crawled to where Edison was sitting so she could start pulling on the leg of  his jeans.  To her the step was no obstacle.

Here she is with the two objects that have fascinated her most in the last few days…Baby Einstein?  No.  Fisher Price?  No.  Educational thing-a-ma-jigs?  No.   A piece of green paper shaped like an E (she carried this around for about an hour.  Then she tried to eat it.  The E did not survive the attack), and a lint roller.

cb1.jpg                        cha5.jpg