Goat updates

goat_small.gifSo, I’m sure you are all wondering….”what about the goat?  We haven’t heard about the goat for a long time!  Tell us about the goat!!!”  The goat has still been driving us crazy.  I won’t mention the latest scheme that Garrison has dreamed up other than to say that it includes me chasing the goat while Garrison waits in hiding, jumping out at the last minute, leading to some unpleasantness for the goat.  I am against this plan for several reasons (even though  I would not be sad to see the goat die of natural or semi-truck causes).  However, this mean goat recently killed their COW(!), and, well, Garrison is smaller than a cow.  So I don’t think it is the safest plan.  Although he says he has knowledge on his side — and opposable thumbs.  Two things that the cow was missing.    Seriously.  I just never thought about a goat being able to (or seeing any reason to) kill a cow. 


Oh you stupid goat

Thinks our yard is smorgasbord

Eats till trees are dead 😦

After the goat ate our beautiful ornamental crabapple tree in our front yard we decided to plant a new one.  Our friend, John – landscaper extraordinaire – went to a nursery and picked out a bigger and better tree for our yard and planted it for us the day before we left for our weekend in Niagara Falls.  When we returned home from our trip we discovered – you guessed it – chewed up tree limbs and bark missing from a section of the tree.  Also the goat had eaten ALL of the leaves except ONE! from our Redbud tree.  Grrrr….So John comes back over to “reinforce” our trees.  Now our trees look like they are in jail. 

fall2.jpg        tree2.jpg

Redbud tree WITH leaves….and Redbud tree With LEAF and Fort Knox protection

fall4.jpg  tree1.jpg

New crabapple tree (in front of dead crabapple leftover stick)  & now…ah, the beauty (?)

 But in other happier rural news, the cows have come home to our “backyard enchanted forest of cows” — the cows were gone for about a year and they are back and grazing and totally fun to watch.  They come crowding towards me when I’m in the backyard doing anything (we are separated by an electric fence which usually keeps them on their own side).


6 responses to this post.

  1. this is for real, right? it would really make for a very entertaining Judge Judy episode. you should go for it.


  2. Posted by Kristin on October 15, 2007 at 5:58 pm

    Oh, It is so sadly for real…


  3. Posted by Katie on October 18, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    Maybe I missed it somewhere – but where does this goat live and why is there not have Fort Knox protection around the goat????


  4. Posted by Kristin on October 19, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    The goat lives right next door to us. Our neighbors just keep buying farm animals (they live on about 1 acre of land – not farmland). They also run a year-round “garage sale” – they don’t keep any of the farm animals penned up – including the goat, the ponies (they now have 2), the chickens, the ducks, the rabbits, the many many dogs…It’s a bit nutty. So the animals crowded on their land with a house and a giant yard sale come over to our property. Grrrr…


  5. […] not for long…Not really how I pictured having a summer home…in Carlisle…with the goats.  But life goes on, and we’d rather all live together in Saratoga than do this family from […]


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