c2.jpg More fall photos…Today is the 31st of October.  To many of you that means Halloween.  To me it is the Police concert at Madison Square Garden that I will not be going to.  We weren’t able to find anyone to watch the kids overnight and we weren’t sure if we’d be able to catch the last train out of the city after the concert, so I am putting on my big girl panties and not complaining, even though Garrison will be having fun (and was able to easily find someone to take my ticket)… Even though it was supposed to be an early birthday present for me…sigh…Enough belly-aching.  I will be going to Edison’s kindergarten costume parade instead and then to our church’s big harvest party which will be fun.  So I will be seeing a miniature Buzz Lightyear,but I will not be seeing Sting.  So sad.  My friend Debbie said she would sing through all of the Police songs with me tonight at the party.   Me crying into my apple cider…”don’t stand so close to me…” 


As for the mouse…he went into the mice cube (yippee) and he is still in there pacing (creepy)…Neither Garrison nor I want to pick it up b/c we can’t figure out how to pick it up without making the swinging trap door open up enough for this jittery mouse to  jump out.  So we’re waiting for him to “expire” as the box says.  Not quite as humane as the creator of the trap was hoping we would be, but that is the punishment this mouse gets for pooping all over my floor.  We could let him go in the hopes that it scared him enough to go tell his rodent friends…


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  1. So the mice cube works… hmm… At any rate, I’m going to go tell all MY mouse friends about this. jk.

    I just bought two of the said cubes for the poor three-legged mouse running around my basement. I put peanutbutter on the cracker and made sure it stuck to the back wall. Hopefully he’ll find it.


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