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If you give a Mouse a sink full of sippi cups…

I know that you must all think that all I do is sit around and catch mice (which is I guess not too far from the truth of country livin’) but the greatest thing just happened to me…I am, by the way, extremely paranoidly out of my mind, afraid of rodents of all kinds (except for Mousie 1 & Mousie the second – Edison’s attached at the hip stuffed animals – oh yeah, and I’m not too scared of Mickey mouse either except for when adults are dressed up like him and they walk around Disneyland waving and smiling but never saying anything…just waving and smiling…I find that slightly creepy)  Anywhooooo, I called my mom to wish her a happy birthday (Happy Birthday Momma!) and while I was on the phone with her a big fat gray mouse ran across my stove and onto the counter behind the Kitchenaid mixer.  I, of course, screamed like a chicken that is about to be strangled b/c it startled me.  But THEN he crawled down into my sink with all of the dirty breakfast dishes (and all of the random sippi cups I had picked up from their various resting places throughout the home – making a very full sink of dishes). 

                                    blog-091.jpgWell, then I started freaking out.  I got off of the phone with her and immediately called Garrison to plead for a cat.  Even a rental cat. 😉 He wasn’t buying it. I think he dislikes cats more than he dislikes mice.  He told me to please stop calling him at work with things that he can’t help with (thanks for the support, G!) and wished me well.  I subsequently crawled up onto a kitchen chair with a broom in my hand for moral support and start praying (reminder – I cannot act rationally when there is a mouse in my sink so I need Jesus to come and calm my storm!)  A few minutes pass by with me on the chair wondering what the rest of my day will bring (i.e. when Claudia wakes up and I need to get down from the chair…or when I have to pee…) and the doorbell rings.  I hop off of the chair and get to the door to find our friend Jeff standing there with a birthday present for me – he says, “Sorry to just stop by but a few minutes I just started thinking of you and thought I would drop off your birthday present.”  After quickly explaining my situation, Jeff asked me if I had any Walmart bags (who doesn’t have a few hundred of those stuffed in a cupboard?) and he put one over his hand, walked over to the sink and PICKED THE MOUSE UP – took it outside – and (please stop reading here if you belong to any clubs against cruelty to animals) – stomped on its head.  Once again, my Lord Jesus is my Saviour – caring about both the big things and the little problems in my life – sending a friend over to help me deal with the mouse in my sink – answering a truly heartfelt cry for help.  Theologically I don’t know where that leaves the Lord’s caring for the life of the mouse…but we don’t need to go there since the mouse has just journeyed to that big swiss cheese wheel in the sky.  I can only imagine it is a better place…


I am hoping that I will soon be able to post about other things then rodents, maybe I’ll have to start talking about the neighbor’s goat (or should I say goats – they bought a pregnant goat recently to add to the mayhem) again.



Happy Thanksgiving

We just got home from a feeding/holiday frenzy in Pennsylvania.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with the rest of the country as well as also fitting in my mother’s birthday, my birthday, Christmas with my family (we’ll be spending actual Christmas vacation in Rochester with Garrison’s family) and Claudia’s birthday (a month and change early).  Busy times for sure. Par-tay!

32 years and counting

a-003.jpgSo, I have officially entered my 32nd year of life.  My birthday doesn’t bode well for a great year to come, but hopefully it was just like in high school when you were in the theatre production of Oklahoma! and the dress rehearsal went really badly and your drama coach/band teacher would squeak out “Chin up everyone!  A bad dress rehearsal means a great show is coming!”  Anyway….the day started out with me waking up at 8:15 a.m. thinking how lovely Garrison was to let me sleep in that morning while he got Edison dressed and on the bus (at 7:10)…but as I got ready to jump in the shower I heard the telltale rustling of a 5 year old in the hallway.  I went out and there was Edison putting his sneakers on.  “What are you doing???” I asked in a stupified shock and he looked at me like I had two heads and said “um, I’m getting ready for the school bus?”  “Didn’t Daddy already get you on to the bus?” (to which the answer was obvious).  So I woke up the babe and we sped off to school where Edison was, of course, tardy and the snooty school secretary harassed me about why exactly Edison was late for school….(why?  It was my birthday and I decided to sleep in?)  To brighten my morning I drove through the Dunkin Donuts drivethrough and purchased myself an overpriced latte.  Happy Birthday to me.  Got home and heard a strange scratch scratch scratching sound under my sink and found a R-A-T.  😦  Spent much of my late morning/early afternoon trying to (or trying not to, I was never quite sure) catch the aforementioned rodent.  Calling my mom in Pennsylvania for moral support.  The rat was not to be caught though.  Around 3:00 I decided to give up the chase and make myself some lunch – a very yummy salad with grilled chicken, cranberries and feta cheese – and while getting the dressing off of the door shelf I heard a sickening cracking sound.  The sound of plastic splintering followed by the sound of many bottles of salad dressing, mayo, mustards of different varieties and maple syrup crashing to the floor as the bar that holds them on the door snapped off.  Causing quite a mess on the floor.  Cleaned that up, then had to teach some piano lessons (thankfully all very good students today) – made dinner.  Things started looking up with Edison giving me a big bunch of Gerber daisies (that daddy helped him get) and getting some fantastic looking chocolate from Garr – one has chilli peppers in it & the other has lemon and black pepper.  Reminds me of the movie Chocolate….Today has been better for sure.  The in-laws are on their way here and the rat is in a trap.  🙂


more kindergarten thoughts


Overheard at dinner tonight:

Edison:  Hey, Dad?  What would the world be like if there were beefinity bears?

Garrison:  What is ‘beefinity’?

Edison:  BEE-FINNNN-ah-TEEEEE…you know, the number!

G:  Oh, you mean, infinity.

E:  Yeah, Infinity.  Infinity bears.

G:  Well, we couldn’t be here because the bears would take up all the space.

E:  OK.

…and on he goes to his next train of thought…oh, to ride that train…it must be a magical place…

The Baby’s Hand

I don’t ever really forward emails & I don’t always read the “fwd: fwd: fwd:” ones (sorry to all of you who send those to me – I do sometimes read them obviously since I am writing this post) but this one really got to me – the picture & story are so fantastic….So, rather than forward this to everyone’s email account I thought I’d just copy it to this page.

“A picture began circulating in November.  It should be “The  Picture of the Year,” or perhaps, “Picture of the  Decade.” It won’t be.  In fact, unless you obtained a copy of the US paper which published it, you probably would never have seen it.  The picture is that of a 21-week-old unborn baby named Samuel Alexander Armas, who is being operated on by surgeon named Joseph Bruner.  The baby was diagnosed with spina bifida and would not survive if removed from his mother’s womb.!  Little Samuel’s  mother, Julie Armas, is an obstetrics nurse in Atlanta .  She knew of Dr. Bruner’s remarkable surgical procedure. Practicing at VanderbiltUniversity Medical Center inNashville, he performs these special operations while the baby is still in the womb.

During the procedure, the doctor removes the uterus via  C-section and makes  a small incision to operate on the  baby.   As Dr. Bruner completed the surgery on Samuel, the little guy reached his tiny, but fully developed hand through the incision and firmly grasped the surgeon’s finger.   Dr. Bruner was reported as saying that when his finger was grasped, it was the most emotional moment of his life, and that for an instant during the procedure he was just frozen, totally immobile.  The photograph captures this amazing event with perfect clarity  The editors titled the picture, “Hand of Hope.”   The text  explaining the picture begins, “The tiny hand of  21-week-old fetus Samuel Alexander Armas emerges from the mother’s uterus to grasp the finger of Dr. Joseph Bruner as if  thanking the doctor for the gift of life.”   Little Samuel’s mother said they “wept for days” when they saw the  picture.   She said, “The photo reminds us pregnancy isn’t about disability or an illness, it’s about a little person.”  Samuel was born in perfect health, the operation 100 percent successful.  Now see the actual picture, and it is awesome….incredible.”


Edison got his VERY OWN library card last week and he is extremely excited.  He took great care to pick out his first library books that were going home with him….Some Spongebob Easter bunny book, a Mo Willems book and Q is for Duck (a funny letter/riddle book).  He’s growing up to be like me – thrilled with the prospect of walking into the library and having so many books to choose from…The smell of paper…ahhhhh….

Claudia and I are still feeling pretty rotten – on Friday my throat was so swollen that when I tried to eat something I choked because I couldn’t swallow.  😦  (too bad that moldy cupcake didn’t act as penicillin to heal my cold…maybe if I had eaten more of them?)  Today we’re doing a little better but she and I still stayed home from church – she napped from 9 a.m. to 12:30 and she is now sleeping again (at 4:45 pm).  I am getting cabin fever from being in the house so much with all of this sickness for the last few weeks, but I am getting some major cleaning done when I have bursts of energy, so I guess that’s a silver lining.  Also I’ve been listening to some great music — this weekend I’ve been on a Leonard Cohen kick with some mixing in of the Killers. 

Oh yeah, and we just got our copy of Flight of the Conchords season 1 – OK this is the funniest thing on the planet to me right now.  Even the packaging of the DVDs makes me laugh.  Small pleasures for these long days at home.


I am so sleep deprived with my sick baby girl that I just ate an extremely moldy cupcake…That is, a big bite went into my mouth and I thought “this does not taste right” and THEN I looked at what was left in my hand.  A big green fuzzy chocolate pre-packaged hostess cupcake.  I did not know that they could get moldy.  Aren’t they in gas stations for decades?  Gross.  Anyway – out it spewed forth into my garbage can.   That should teach me to clean out my pantry more often. 

Second exciting thing of the day — I just saw snowflakes out my window!  That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling which is way nicer than a warm fuzzy cupcake.