new york city

ny1.jpgOn Saturday we decided to take the kids on a day trip to nyc, so we woke up nice and early and drove to Poughkeepsie to catch a train there so that we wouldn’t have to find parking in the city (and also so Edison could ride a train – something he is always asking to do).  Anywhoooo,  we woke up early, but still missed the train we were trying to get on and so we waited in the train terminal for another hour before we could continue on our journey.  We had too many things that we wanted to do in one day, but ended up spending most of our day in the American Museum of Natural History — we knew Edison would like the dinosaurs and he’s really been into space lately so we took the kids to Cosmic Collisions where he was pretty much freaked out by the show in the Planetarium.  Claudia, however, thought it was great.  She was staring at the ceiling and clapping through the huge crashing noises.  Then we took them to the Butterfly Conservatory – where the butterflies just fly around and land on you – very cool – but there again, Edison was petrified (who knew that any kids could be scared of butterflies) so we didn’t get to enjoy our 30 dollars-worth in there…But after that we headed to the 4th floor where Edison was fascinated with the giant dinosaurs.  Go figure – he loves dinosaurs and is paralyzed by fear when he encounters butterflies…It’s definitely different heading into the city with children – a lot LESS shopping – and a lot MORE hefting the stroller up and down the stairs to get to the subway.

ny3.jpg        ny41.jpg  ny5.jpg

Edison is so like Garrison and I though b/c at the end of the day we asked him what his favorite parts of the trip were and he thought about it and said “the hot dog and the peanuts from the guys on the street and the pizza for dinner… and the subway(the mode of transportation – not to be confused with the fast food establishment)…” I found that I was a bit of a germ-o-phobe the whole time and kept freaking out because Edison was touching every dirty surface in Manhattan and then touching his face.  ick.  We ran out of diapers for Claudia around 5 pm and spend some time walking around looking for a Duane Read to get her some new ones.  Diapers are hard to come by in nyc apparently.  By the time we were ready to go home I was so exhausted that I actually looked at a homeless man sleeping on the steps of a cathedral and thought “Oh, he’s so lucky…he’s already asleep…”


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  1. Posted by Nonni on November 6, 2007 at 12:11 pm

    What lucky kids to go to NYC for the day! I’m glad to hear Edison is into dinosaurs now. Last year the wooly mammoth and the dinosaurs at our museum were WAY too much to handle 🙂


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