If you give a Mouse a sink full of sippi cups…

I know that you must all think that all I do is sit around and catch mice (which is I guess not too far from the truth of country livin’) but the greatest thing just happened to me…I am, by the way, extremely paranoidly out of my mind, afraid of rodents of all kinds (except for Mousie 1 & Mousie the second – Edison’s attached at the hip stuffed animals – oh yeah, and I’m not too scared of Mickey mouse either except for when adults are dressed up like him and they walk around Disneyland waving and smiling but never saying anything…just waving and smiling…I find that slightly creepy)  Anywhooooo, I called my mom to wish her a happy birthday (Happy Birthday Momma!) and while I was on the phone with her a big fat gray mouse ran across my stove and onto the counter behind the Kitchenaid mixer.  I, of course, screamed like a chicken that is about to be strangled b/c it startled me.  But THEN he crawled down into my sink with all of the dirty breakfast dishes (and all of the random sippi cups I had picked up from their various resting places throughout the home – making a very full sink of dishes). 

                                    blog-091.jpgWell, then I started freaking out.  I got off of the phone with her and immediately called Garrison to plead for a cat.  Even a rental cat. 😉 He wasn’t buying it. I think he dislikes cats more than he dislikes mice.  He told me to please stop calling him at work with things that he can’t help with (thanks for the support, G!) and wished me well.  I subsequently crawled up onto a kitchen chair with a broom in my hand for moral support and start praying (reminder – I cannot act rationally when there is a mouse in my sink so I need Jesus to come and calm my storm!)  A few minutes pass by with me on the chair wondering what the rest of my day will bring (i.e. when Claudia wakes up and I need to get down from the chair…or when I have to pee…) and the doorbell rings.  I hop off of the chair and get to the door to find our friend Jeff standing there with a birthday present for me – he says, “Sorry to just stop by but a few minutes I just started thinking of you and thought I would drop off your birthday present.”  After quickly explaining my situation, Jeff asked me if I had any Walmart bags (who doesn’t have a few hundred of those stuffed in a cupboard?) and he put one over his hand, walked over to the sink and PICKED THE MOUSE UP – took it outside – and (please stop reading here if you belong to any clubs against cruelty to animals) – stomped on its head.  Once again, my Lord Jesus is my Saviour – caring about both the big things and the little problems in my life – sending a friend over to help me deal with the mouse in my sink – answering a truly heartfelt cry for help.  Theologically I don’t know where that leaves the Lord’s caring for the life of the mouse…but we don’t need to go there since the mouse has just journeyed to that big swiss cheese wheel in the sky.  I can only imagine it is a better place…


I am hoping that I will soon be able to post about other things then rodents, maybe I’ll have to start talking about the neighbor’s goat (or should I say goats – they bought a pregnant goat recently to add to the mayhem) again.


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  1. […] in that toaster oven.  Our previous one was maliciously attacked (the wire was chewed through) by the mouse in the sink.  Not at the same time.  We don’t keep the wire in the sink obviously.  And I discovered […]


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