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On the third day of Christmas…

My true love gave to me…3 french chickens…ha ha ha!  So, we’re leaving tomorrow to visit Garrison’s side of the family and we are all getting really excited to go.  I was up last night (this morning?) until 4:27.  No joke.  But all of the presents are wrapped.  Well, all of the presents that are going to Rochester are wrapped.  There are still a few stragglers for friends here, but I am putting them out of my mind and calling it a wrap (ba da dum – crash) for now!   I had my tea and Christmas carols going and the time just passed by without my noticing.  I’ve decided that I am changing my mind about my LEAST favorite Christmas song.  I have determined that for this year my least favorite song has to be “It’s the most won-der-ful tiiiiiiiime of the year”  It’s so dang peppy and it always comes on while you’re in a long line waiting to pay for something or if you’re stuck behind a huge line of traffic with every car turning as slowly as if they had a 3 layer wedding cake in their backseat…It makes me cringe.  I do like cheerful songs – don’t get me wrong – I’m liking “caroling caroling” a lot this season and find myself singing it opera style to the kids several times a day.  And then there is the Dance of the sugar plum fairies which has to be one of the most creative pieces ever written – think about it, is there anything that you can think of that is like it?  Not the usual I IV V with a few secondary dominants thrown in for color – that’s for sure.  But I’m not going to get into that.  I am just tired so my brain is going in too many directions.  I need to go pack and get my vegetable lasagna (yum) out of the oven.

Garrison is in New Jersey (long story that I may tell when we see the end of it) and hopefully he will get home before the kids bedtime because we had wanted to do “christmas” with them this morning but couldn’t because he had to leave so early in the morn.  But we need to do it before we go to Rochester because Edison’s big gift is a portable dvd player (shhh…don’t tell) for watching Backyardigans, etc while we take these long trips.

Merry Christmas everyone! 


On the Fourth Day of Christmas…


The snowmen cookies I ended up sending to Edison’s cookie party.  They were cute – like a tiny army of snowmen…

Yikes only 4 days left????  Only 2 days left until we start our travels…I better get elving…there are presents still to be wrapped (I have been so slow at this task this year!), laundry to do (we will need to have clean underwear on our travels, won’t we now?), then packing aforementioned skivvies, etc…But here I am sitting at the computer, just talking about the things I need to do.  🙂

 bread.jpg   Loaves upon loaves of whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread…I still need to make my peppermint chocolate biscotti…Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.


Highlights of the day…a conversation with Edison in the car after school…

E:  Guess what, mom?  We had an assembly in school today and Liz’s choir came to sing.  (Liz Sobieski for all you Houghton folk is the high school choir teacher here & it was her select choir that was singing Christmas songs at the assembly).

Me:  Oh, that sounds nice.  Did you like it?

E: Oh, yeah.  And they picked me to help on one of the songs!

M:  Really?  What did you have to do?

E:  I forget…Let me think…(long pause)…oh I remember now!  We were the THREE FRENCH CHICKENS!

M:  (trying not to laugh) Do you mean the 3 French HENS?

E:  Oh yeah, the hens….Did you know that Strawberry Shortcake lives inside a STRAWBERRY house?

M:  Yes, I did know that.  I think that would be nice.

E:  Why would that be NICE????

M:  Um, it would smell good and if you got hungry you could eat the wall???

E:  But don’t you think it would get rotten?

M:  Um…yeah, I guess so.  I never thought of that.

E:  I did.

M:  Obviously.

Now to get to work.  But first check out this fun gift from the lovely Katie (super mom of 4) of Texas!  Thank you!  Thank you!  (You’ll get a proper note soon!)  So cute!  (the slippers – not the feet so much)


On the 5th day of Christmas…

bus2.jpg  After 2 days home with his ear infection Edison was able to go back to school today.  Here he is waiting for the bus this morning.  Yes, it really is still this dark out as he waits for the bus.  And just about this dark when he gets home. 

And by the way, the cookie baking extravaganza started off well.  The first project went from this…cookie2.jpg

To this….yummy.


Right now I have whole wheat cinnamon raisin in the bread that I’m trying to finish before his bus driver arrives so I can add it to her gift and then I’m going to attempt some decorated snowmen cookies. 


Claudia had her 9 month dr appt (yes, she is nearly one year old…somehow the scheduling got messed up) and she is a whopping 16 pounds!  Woo Hoo.  She is in the 5th percentile for height and weight.  What a peanut.  Her pediatrician wants us to feed her more calories…don’t know when she’ll have time to eat more since she practically eats all of the time she is awake…Maybe she needs some miracle-gro…c1.jpg

On the 6th day of Christmas….


Time for baking cookies.  I need to take cookies to Edison’s “Milk & Cookies party” at school.  I got both the kids to bed and the dishes washed and now I can get baking.  Now to choose what kind(s) to start with…

On the 7th day of Christmas….

…another ear infection.  This time it is Edison.  😦  He went to school feeling fine, I sat down with my coffee and my Bible had some peaceful time with the Lord, took a shower then got ready to tackle my “to do” list.  Decided I needed my “to do” list to look neater.  Rewrote my “to do” list.  Found some colored pencils to decorate my “to do” list (so that it looked more festive and I could merrily cross off all of the things on my agenda).  Decided I would dawdle one minute longer and then the old telly-phone rang.  Nurse Miner from Edison’s school.  By the time I got him to the doctor he was screaming in pain “My heart is in my ear!  Open eardrum!  Open!”  [He knew that Claudia’s eardrum had “opened” and that had helped some of the pain go away for her] “ooooOOOoooOOOoooooOOOOwwwwwwww”

It was really heartbreaking because he is normally such a trooper that I knew he was in some serious pain.  Especially when he didn’t even want to eat his lunch. 

 So maybe I need to write a new “to do” list…or just add the following things that I can cross off and feel like I accomplished something today…”pick up Edison from school”  “spend 1 hour in waiting room at doctor’s office”  “comfort crying kid”  “drive 25 minutes to Walmart pharmacy”  “spend 45 minutes at walmart shopping while Edison’s prescription is being filled”  “wait another 15 minutes because Edison’s prescription still isn’t filled”  “get in line to pay behind a man buying 30 gift cards”  “move to different line”  “get in a line that the cashier closes down right when it is your turn”  “go to yet another line”  “comfort TWO crying kids”  “buy caramel swirl latte at Dunkin Donuts”  “feed starving 11 month old”  “fall into chair for a moment’s rest”  “teach piano lessons”  “attack original ‘to do’ list”


On the 8th day of Christmas…

I finally finished my shopping list.  Mostly.  Now we’re on to wrapping the gifts.  This evening I had a lot of help from Claudia, so if you find a smooshy Cheerio in your new pajamas pants you’ll know where it came from.  🙂  No time to blog…must…wrap…more…presents……..

On the 9th day of Christmas…

g3.jpg  Kindergarten crafts!!!!  Here are some photos from the gingerbread house making day.  It was a fun but insanely crowded and chaotic time with lots of sticky fingers and candy EVERYWHERE!!!!  All of the kindergarten kids were lined up in tables in their hallway with about a bazillion parents there to help.  Edison got to sit next to Emily who he now says is his “third” friend…in line after Aidan and Jonathan (whom Edison is convinced are brothers b/c they dressed the same on Halloween — I try to point out they have different mothers & fathers (all of whom Edison has met) but to him that is of no consequence.  They were BOTH DARTH VADAR, MOM!!!   Ok, Edison…

g9.jpg    a shot of the hallway.  Kindergartners as far as the eye can see…


Emily & Edison



This mom (all the way to the right if you need directions…mom of Aidan – “#1 friend”, in fact) is so small that she comfortably sat in the miniscule kindergarten chairs.  Astonishing.  I couldn’t stop looking at her hanging out on that tiny chair not looking much older than maybe 2nd grade….

g8.jpg FINISHED PRODUCT.  Yummy Crafting!

By the way, he has already eaten the entire house (except for the non-parell on the roof….he gave that to me).