I got a call from the school nurse this morning at 8:00 a.m. – Edison had thrown up 3 times on the bus (poor Mrs. Shufelt – the bus driver – she deserves a BIG Christmas gift from our family!!!  This is the second time she’s had the pleasure of Edison’s breakfast on her bus).  I woke Claudia up (so sad b/c we had another long night last night and she was sleeping soooo peacefully finally) — we went to pick him up and he looked like a mini 70’s James Dean…the nurse had given him a plastic/vinyl “leather” jacket to wear (b/c his was bagged up and ready for some TIDE ) from the lost and found.  Got home and I was taking Claudia’s coat off when she looked at me a little funny and then SHE threw up all over me (and my winter coat).  So two coats in the laundry, two kids sleeping, three piano lessons cancelled, one choir rehearsal postponed, and one tired mama….

main-120.jpgAnd here is something I have learned about myself.  We have been without a dryer since August of 2006 and without a toaster for one week and I really miss my toaster.   The dryer I don’t think about, but I am obsessing over my missing toaster oven.  We have a $10.00 off  coupon to use tomorrow and so Garrison will be stopping at BJs on the way home from work.  I am already thinking of all of the things I will toast and heat up in that toaster oven.  Our previous one was maliciously attacked (the wire was chewed through) by the mouse in the sink.  Not at the same time.  We don’t keep the wire in the sink obviously.  And I discovered the exposed wire in an unfortunate manner.  I am getting the feeling back in that finger.  Thanks for asking.

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