The twelve days of Christmas countdown…

c11.jpgThe elves have been busy in Carlisle…I was uninspired to do any decorating for a long time, but then Edison and I started really getting into it.  My favorite thing is our silver tinsel tree we found in Cooperstown on Easter weekend.  Edison’s favorite thing to do is to move the little figures in the nativity scene around.  Most days the camel is the center of attention – everyone gathers around the camel or the camel watches over everyone from his perch on the roof.  Edison also does not get the concept of “one a day” for the advent calendar that has little drawers in it.  This is what I found yesterday.  But as I have been unorganized and never remembered to fill any of the drawers I guess it didn’t matter much…The drawers actually do make good stairs to the roof of the stable…


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  1. Dear Kristin, I don’t know how to reach you but I LOVE reading about your life this way! Partly it’s just the visceral satisfaction of jumping to the end of a story and seeing the satisfying emotional developments – sometimes the picture of you and Garrison in my head is like we were in college, and hearing about your parenting, and funny stories, and rodent wars, and precious, precious children makes me feel like I’m seeing you as a different person. I would like to send you and email directly but I don’t know how. We have just recently gotten high speed internet in our home, and so I am discovering the world wide web about ten years behind every one else.
    Katie (Olles) Jarrett


  2. Posted by Kristin on December 13, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    Oh Katie, How fun to hear from you!!!! My email is — I would love to hear from you! Kristin


  3. Posted by Nonni on December 14, 2007 at 4:59 pm

    This reminds me so much of Garrison when he was that age. We had two nativity scenes. One that was my mother’s that no one was allowed to touch, and one for the boys. They were always putting the cow on the roof, or on the little balcony overlooking Mary and Joseph. Wonder what it is about the animals being moved. They never seemed to care much about moving the kings or the shepard…..


  4. that tree is awesome!


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