On the 5th day of Christmas…

bus2.jpg  After 2 days home with his ear infection Edison was able to go back to school today.  Here he is waiting for the bus this morning.  Yes, it really is still this dark out as he waits for the bus.  And just about this dark when he gets home. 

And by the way, the cookie baking extravaganza started off well.  The first project went from this…cookie2.jpg

To this….yummy.


Right now I have whole wheat cinnamon raisin in the bread that I’m trying to finish before his bus driver arrives so I can add it to her gift and then I’m going to attempt some decorated snowmen cookies. 


Claudia had her 9 month dr appt (yes, she is nearly one year old…somehow the scheduling got messed up) and she is a whopping 16 pounds!  Woo Hoo.  She is in the 5th percentile for height and weight.  What a peanut.  Her pediatrician wants us to feed her more calories…don’t know when she’ll have time to eat more since she practically eats all of the time she is awake…Maybe she needs some miracle-gro…c1.jpg


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