On the Fourth Day of Christmas…


The snowmen cookies I ended up sending to Edison’s cookie party.  They were cute – like a tiny army of snowmen…

Yikes only 4 days left????  Only 2 days left until we start our travels…I better get elving…there are presents still to be wrapped (I have been so slow at this task this year!), laundry to do (we will need to have clean underwear on our travels, won’t we now?), then packing aforementioned skivvies, etc…But here I am sitting at the computer, just talking about the things I need to do.  🙂

 bread.jpg   Loaves upon loaves of whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread…I still need to make my peppermint chocolate biscotti…Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.


Highlights of the day…a conversation with Edison in the car after school…

E:  Guess what, mom?  We had an assembly in school today and Liz’s choir came to sing.  (Liz Sobieski for all you Houghton folk is the high school choir teacher here & it was her select choir that was singing Christmas songs at the assembly).

Me:  Oh, that sounds nice.  Did you like it?

E: Oh, yeah.  And they picked me to help on one of the songs!

M:  Really?  What did you have to do?

E:  I forget…Let me think…(long pause)…oh I remember now!  We were the THREE FRENCH CHICKENS!

M:  (trying not to laugh) Do you mean the 3 French HENS?

E:  Oh yeah, the hens….Did you know that Strawberry Shortcake lives inside a STRAWBERRY house?

M:  Yes, I did know that.  I think that would be nice.

E:  Why would that be NICE????

M:  Um, it would smell good and if you got hungry you could eat the wall???

E:  But don’t you think it would get rotten?

M:  Um…yeah, I guess so.  I never thought of that.

E:  I did.

M:  Obviously.

Now to get to work.  But first check out this fun gift from the lovely Katie (super mom of 4) of Texas!  Thank you!  Thank you!  (You’ll get a proper note soon!)  So cute!  (the slippers – not the feet so much)



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