Happy New Year


It’s only January and I’m already craving color – that is not a good thing in upstate new york where we still have at least 3 more months of the color combo of white and slushy gray.  So green background for awhile.  Hope it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Christmas was great – lots of traveling but it was uncomplicated.  Claudia’s first birthday came and went without much hooplah — we’re having a “little” party for her on Sunday evening.  She has been happily playing with her birthday gift from us – a fisher price kitchen – she loves this thing…pan on the stove, pan off the stove, pan on the stove, pan off the stove, pan on the stove, pan off the stove…you get the idea.  She dances along with all of the music and does everything a fisher price commercial maker would want her to do.  I’ll add some pictures soon.

Edison was able to make it to TWO full days of school (a kindergarten record for him?) before needing to stay home because he threw up yet again.  I think I am paying for the first 4 years of his life [“Edison has such a fantastic immune system…he never gets sick…nope he’s only thrown up 2 times in his whole life…”]  Oh bitter payback time.  This morning I went in to wake him up for school and I said “Do you want to wear your new Spider man shirt to school?”

 spidey1.jpg [usually I hide the character shirts at the bottom of his drawers until the weekends…sparkle spidey than can come out to play] and he says “Sorry, mom, I can’t go to school today.  I threw up last night.”  So I take a gander at his sheets and there is a BRIGHT RED spot on his sheets!  Garrison and I both start freaking out a little – seeing if Edison had a nose bleed or if he really threw up blood — Edison runs out of the room to throw up in the bathroom this time and Garrison runs after him while I finish cleaning up the sheets…thinking “what did he eat that is red?  This color of red?”  And then I remembered.  Winter oreos with dad.  Bright Crimson Red oreo filling.  The funky dye coloring his insides all shades of red.  Creepy.  So I’m home with a sick kid again today. 


Some highlights of our Christmas holiday:




and the aforementioned birthday kitchen….




Cookin’ up something evil in her kitchen

b3.jpg Stopping only long enough to go over and play with the box.


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  1. Posted by Nonni on January 4, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    I guess I’ve never been in the Winter Oreos aisle…didn’t know they existed, but that must have been very startling. Sorry he’s sick again..:-( How’s the saga of the pants with sensors?


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