the car that could be worse than the goat

m4.jpgI’ve resisted writing about this, but the time has come to share the news in blogland about my “new” car.  In our quest for using more eco-friendly fuel sources we decided to go to all diesel vehicles.  [we’re starting to experiment with making our own bio-diesel] Garrison bought his 1982 diesel Mercedes in October of 2006 and for Christmas, because I have said I would feel more comfortable driving the kiddos around in a newer car than one built when I was 7, I was gifted with a 1983  turbo-diesel Mercedes.  Newer, yes?

Too matchy-matchy do you think? m5.jpg

So, anyway, it travelled here from the charming town of Humble, Texas and has been quite the headache since it’s arrival – including a Saturday before Christmas trip to New Jersey to coax it back onto the car carrier that was supposed to deliver it stress-free to Schenectady.  So far it is a stubborn old car that is making Garrison cRaZy.  I’ve decided to use the old ignore-it tactic and see if it starts behaving better because it isn’t getting the attention it is looking for.  That always worked with Edison when he was acting up.  Thankfully, Garrison is a fixer and is out there on the driveway (or in our friend’s garage) working on getting it going in all of his free time and no one is relying on me to do anything with it except come home with the occasional metric (hard to find) socket from the hardware store while I’m in town.  We were unfortunately “misled” in the description of the car as the seller said “NO MAJOR REPAIRS NEEDED”.  Apparently he didn’t feel a new front windshield (cracked), a new starter, a vaccuum leak, a new water pump, a coolant leak, automatic windows that open but won’t shut, and a slow transmission (read – will soon need a new transmission) as “major repairs”.  Minor repairs?  Sigh.

We welcomed the car here when AAA dragged it limping into our driveway with a home cooked Texan meal of Tacos and refried beans – You know, so it wouldn’t be in such culture shock coming to the Yankee side of the nation, but still this car has been ungrateful.


One good thing to say about it.  Tape deck with preset AM radio stations.  Original to the car.  Now I can listen to all of those old high school boyfriend mix tapes that were gathering dust in some storage bin – waiting for the day that I owned a tape deck again.  Not knowing if that day would ever come.  Check out that tuning dial.  Awesome.


I’m open to suggestions for naming this baby.  We’re off to a rough start, this car and I, but I want to get on its good side so it doesn’t leave me stranded on one of our many quiet back roads.

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  1. Posted by Kari Stiansen on January 27, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Have you named it yet??? If not, it could be named Popey. Or Waffles.


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