b31.jpg  On Sunday night we had a “first birthday” party for Claudia – who turned one on January 2nd.  The house was packed with 22 guests (plus the four of us) and somehow we all managed to fit into the kitchen and living room – with one couch, er, futon and 5 dining room chairs (the 6th one is long gone the way of a summer bonfire).  It was sort of like the feeding of the 5,000 – only with seating arrangements.  🙂  And Claudia had the great fortune of being born with the next big holiday being Valentine’s day – so everything in the stores was pink and hearty.  [Edison’s birthday comes before the big holiday of Halloween – so everything in the decoration aisle for him comes with fangs and fake blood.]  Oh and I wish you could see these overalls better – they had a chenille birthday cake on the front and all kinds of other cuteness – the bright green headband was compliments of Edison – he insisted that she wear it in order to be “pretty”.


In other big news, our good friends Dave & Rachel just welcomed their second baby girl [after 8 years of trying] into the world – Lydia Elizabeth.  They dropped their daughter Ariana off with us at 11:35 pm on Monday night and Lydia was born at 2:10 a.m.  So last night I stayed up into the wee hours of the night finishing this diaper cake (made up of, you guessed it, diapers) –


cake5.jpg Burt’s Bees tiny products are tucked inside — Garrison said to me “The last thing you want when you’re tired and reaching for a diaper in a mental fog is a handful of Burt’s Bees!”  But I disagree, it’s like finding the toy in the cereal box (the REAL way – by it pouring into your cereal bowl – not by digging around for it – although these days if there is a prize it’s usually outside of the bag and then that doesn’t really work anyway…) A fun surprise!


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