All things cold – snowmen, refrigerators & all of upstate New York

blog3.jpgSorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Everyone here has been sick.  Again.  What a winter for us (thanks kindergarten!)  Tonight Edison and I are throwing an “It’s not your birthday.  It’s not my birthday.  Party anyway. PARTY”  This pretty much just includes brownies and homemade cards to dad.  🙂  We’ll probably throw in a couple of leftover pink balloons from Claudia’s birthday and call it an EVENT.  Woo Hoo.  It is cold here in Carlisle.  Very very cold.  So we need to think of anything that can possibly entertain us.  Luckily for me, my children are easily entertained.

So if you’re wondering about the snowman, Edison recently had a project for school where he needed to decorate a snowman with “found objects” from around the house.  He must have only looked in Claudia’s room  when he decided to make a snowbaby.  Complete with a Cheerio belly button.

blog2.jpg   He did it all by himself (except mom helped with the glue gun parts — no sense in letting a 5 year old get burned in doing his school projects).  Even cutting out the bib from scrap paper.  Good job E!


We’ve been rodent free for over a month here in our home, but yesterday a mole skittered through the middle of my kitchen floor.  A little mole (not like you’re thinking from the cartoons).   I wonder though if he’ll make his way into a MICE CUBE…


Oh yeah, and we FINALLY got our new fridge.  I had my heart set on stainless steel, but then in the end changed my mind to get a black one.  Long story, but we’re happy to no longer have to put on an extra sweater when walking by the cool breeze that flowed out from our, not so energy efficient, refrigerator…. 

    blog5.jpg              blog6.jpg

Such nicely organized food…I won’t even go into the scary things I found in the back corners of the old fridge!

And Look what we found behind the fridge.  Awesome 70’s wallpaper.   It made me smile.  And then I gladly pushed the new fridge against it. 


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