More Goats

 This is one of the funniest papers that has come home from kindergarten.  Edison had to choose an animal to draw out of a huge magazine filled with animals and he picked a “got”  (for all of you phonetically challenged folks, that would be a goat).  Notice that the goat is eating all of the trees.  True to life.  True to life.

    got.jpg   got2.jpg

Edison’s truth telling does keep me humble.  A few days ago he came home from school where they had been talking about “good and bad” – such as, there are good dogs and there are bad  dogs and you need to be careful and not assume all dogs are good.  So we were sitting at the kitchen table and he & Claudia were having a snack & he was relating to me all of the “good & bad” things they were comparing.  He looked at Claudia and said “there are good babies and there are bad  babies, but you, Claudia honey, you are a good baby!!!”  Then he says, “There are good moms and there are bad  moms.  And you are…well, you’re about half and half.”  Geez.  Well, it’s the truth.  Without Jesus I would be really leaning on the bad side.  And to a 5 yr old anything that lands in the realm of discipline hikes you over to the bad side too.  Oh, that’s enough humble pie for one weekend!  Yes?  You would think, but no!  Yesterday I was drying my hair after my shower and he asked if I was “trying to look pretty to go to Chuck E. Cheese?”  and I thought, “Well, that was not really my goal, I was just drying my hair, but maybe he’s going to say something sweet, like, how beautiful I am always, or some other storybook-style child’s love for his mother.”  So I asked him (totally looking for a cheap compliment), “Why?  Do you think I look pretty enough to go?”  He looked at me with a long, critical eye and then said, “Um, not really.”  Me, in high drama,  aghast, “What?  What could possibly help me look better?”  And he replied, “Why don’t you try some earrings.  That would be fancier.”   Apparently, you have to be really fancy to go to Chuck E. Cheese.  Who knew?  Which reminds me of this funny story of the last time we took him to Chuck E. Cheese (his favorite place on the planet) and we were sitting at a booth behind a rather obese family who called one of the workers over and demanded to speak to “the chef” [the chef?  at chuck e. cheese?  um, is that like the chef at mcdonalds?]  So this pimply 16 year old skinny kid comes to their table and the woman says with many airs, “Young man, this pizza is not made ta my likin’!”  And I burst out in giggles – because really now.  Chuck E. Cheese pizza is not made to ANYBODY’s LIKING!  It’s cheese sprinkled over flavored cardboard.  You’re there for the games & the giant stuffed mouse.  But I digress….

I don’t want to give the wrong impression about Edison being harsh – so to give a more fair and balanced picture….  He is just very black and white – tells it as he sees it.  My days are also filled with many “I Love you, Mom!!!” and tackle me in the kitchen hugs and sweet notes written in all of their phonetic splendor.   Mi mom is the Gratest mom.  She piks me up frum the bus and maks me snaks.  Mom is funee.  mom is a gud huggr.


Snot land is getting better here with the kids.  Big sigh of relief.  But I did notice This disturbing thing this morning.  Claudia perusing a Mini Boden catalog.  12 months old and already checking out the expensive kids clothes.  At least she didn’t start circling the things that she wanted like I used to do as a teenager.  🙂 

  c3.jpg  c2.jpg

3 responses to this post.

  1. Is Edison writing for 🙂

    Good post, friend!


  2. Posted by Kristin on January 31, 2008 at 9:56 am

    i canz only hopes he gets a gud job likes dat sumdaze.


  3. Posted by Katie on February 4, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Half and half! That is harsh!


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