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e1.jpgStarting off with an update…we had a visit with our pediatrician and Edison has absolutely no hearing in his left ear externally, BUT when a tuning fork was pressed against his forehead he heard it more strongly in his left ear – this is a good sign (cover one ear with your hand and talk – or sing – and the covered ear is the one that hears more clearly inside your head)  so this means that things are probably functioning fine.  He has a lot of fluid in his ear but not really an ear infection.  So we’re just waiting a month and checking up on him again then.  His right ear couldn’t hear any low frequencies – so we’re glad that he is hearing some frequencies at all!!!  And we’re talking a bit louder around here for now. 


This is Claudia’s new favorite spot.  Inside the toy basket.  She REALLY likes her toys.  hee hee  🙂 

c4.jpg  c3.jpg  c2.jpg

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Rachel at this really fantastic place called Bountiful Bread – it is like a more posh Panera Bread.  Well, to  be more specific, I had about 2 full pots of coffee.  Not breakfast.  We got so busy talking that I never ordered anything to eat…and I just kept drinking more and more coffee…yum.  Does it seem like I’m typing really fast tonight?  🙂  Does anyone feel like talking at 3 am?  I’m sure I’ll still be awake…

Anyway, after our coffee we decided to go to a couple of the local thrift stores and vintage shops.  We found several treasures – she found a lot of fantastic clothes – tall brown boots with sherpa lining from the 70’s, a gorgeous Ann Taylor skirt and a killer reddish brown leather coat with 1/2 sleeves — I almost wrestled her for that but I resisted because she was jealous of my cool bags.  A Ralph Lauren chaps houndtooth check tote and this awesome green alligator bag.  Garrison’s mom got me a green alligator bag for Christmas (that I absolutely love) but it is only for “date nights” because it can’t hold all of the diapers/wipes/cheerios/sippi cups/books/toys/broken crayons/mints/wallet/cell phone/chapstick/lotion/late library books/used tissues that I usually tote around.  Now I can have a chic one for fancy nights out with my love and a bigger one for fancy daytrips to Target with the kiddos.  The light was bad while taking the pics, but you get the idea.  I also got an embroidered village scene footstool for $4.00.  Garrison will hate it, but I just couldn’t resist it.  It was too funny.  Perhaps if you’re really lucky you will get to see a picture of that too someday. 

chaps.jpg   green1.jpg



Tonight Edison told us that he has not been able to hear out of his left ear since he had an ear infection several weeks ago.  We tested him as best as we could and now we are just waiting to get a doctor’s appointment.  It is a little unnerving to me as I went deaf in my right ear when I was 4 years old because of a disease called cholestiatoma (the spelling may be way off -I was 4 at the time and cat was difficult to spell…) which is a disease where you grow tumors in your ears and if left untreated they will grow into your brain.  I was fortunate that our family doctor noticed something amiss at my kindergarten screening and he sent me to a specialist.  It is extremely rare in children and not hereditary as far as anyone knows — generally men who have been in wars with bombs exploding near their ears get it…This was not the end of my story though – because when I was in college the Lord miraculously healed my ear and I now have excellent hearing out of both of my ears.

Anyway, Edison is a bit worried – we think that is why he didn’t tell us right away.  We would appreciate any prayers that the Lord puts on your hearts…and we’ll keep you posted.

ed4.jpg     Four year old Edison….

Happy Day after President’s Day

Today is Garrison’s and my 8 year wedding anniversary.   I am so blessed when I look back and see all that the Lord has done for us in these 8 years — a marriage that is stronger every day, a dear friend who is always supporting me, a lot of laughter, a lot of music, a home filled with love and peace, and not one, but TWO miracle children – when we were told we would not be able to have ANY children!  Praise be to our mighty God who is the creator of life!  🙂

c8.jpg  Our two Miracle babies.  🙂   Garrison’s grandmother so beautifully asked us when she first met baby Claudia -“Are you two gonna finally start using birth control now that you have had TWO miracle babies?”  Wow Grandma, now you’re getting kind of personal.


Last week was a busy week for Mrs. Nadeau’s kindergarten class.  Let me tell you – those kids know how to par-tee.  They celebrated “100 day” (the 100th day of school — a celebration that they have all survived thus far) with snacks, a parade of 100 kindergartners and crazy glasses and headwear.  Edison was number 84 in the parade. 

“Guess what number we STARTED with mom?”

“I don’t know.  What number?”

“ONE!  Can you believe it?”


The very next day was Valentine’s Day – which of course was thrilling with all of the sugar and the tiny little messages of love.  It was funny to help them read their cards because kindergarten age children just do not understand the little valentine messages that are supposed to be cutesy.  They just look at you with a blank stare and then look for the heart shaped lollipops.   Edison chose Spongebob valentines – I was going to have him make his own valentines from scratch, but he got his heart set on Spongebob (even though he has only seen the actual spongebob cartoon something along the lines of one time) so I gave up my dream of paper hearts and glitter to allow him his dream of a yellow sponge with bulgey eyes.  That’s what parenting is all about right?  🙂 

  v2.jpg                 v3.jpg      

Edison has school vacation this week (to celebrate the presidents?) and so we’ve been doing all kinds of fun things.  We spent the weekend at a local hotel where our church hosted a worship weekend – people came from all over the state and Wisconsin and Tennessee.  Yes, I know.  Random.  Anyway we all stay at the hotel and eat together and have services and great times of hanging out and being together.  My dear friend, Wendy [from Houghton] was there with one of her sons [she has 5] and so it was really fantastic to catch up with her.  

Then, yesterday Garrison had off from work and so we ran around Albany together — doing random acts of shopping and eating.  My new car needed a new windshield, so we had to leave that car and all pile into our other car and kill time until the windshield was installed.  Unfortunately, the glass fitter broke the new windshield and couldn’t get a replacement that same day.  So after 7 hours of wandering we finally drove home.  Leaving  Millicent (the name I’ve decided on for the old girl – Millie for short) in Schenectady. 

Today we (Edison, Claudia and I) had great plans to enjoy a mini-vacation seeing my parents and several sets of siblings in Pennsylvania, but Edison woke up this morning with an eye that was completely swollen shut.  So we’re waiting on a call from our pediatrician so that we will know the next plan of action.  

mental health day

blog7.jpg  Today should have been a busy teaching day, but at 9:00 a.m. my 9:30-11:00 students’ mother called to announce they were taking a “mental health day”….?  Um, Hi Mrs. Roberts…Matthew is still in bed and Rachel and I are still in our pajamas so we won’t be coming to piano lessons today…we’re taking a mental health day.

 I am still shaking my head in a little disbelief.  At least they were honest.  She could have said they were sick or the roads were too icy or some such thing.  But “we’re still in our pajamas” !?!?!?

Believe me, when I woke up an hour before my alarm clock [from alarm baby] I wanted to call in with a mental health day too, but there wasn’t anyone who was willing to pick up the slack.

But the day turned out well anyway – my friend came over to “babysit” Claudia for the one lesson that I did have at 11:00 and then she stayed for lunch and an afternoon of gab.  Very therapeutic — so I guess I got my mental health day after all!  Before my long afternoon of teaching again began…..


We’re practicing for Valentine’s day with this crazy headband.  Claudia actually likes it a lot.  Funny.

blog1.jpg  And here is a glimpse of a new fun thing to do when you’re watching American Idol and feeling guilty to be doing something sooooo not worth your time.  Embroidery!  Watch out Edison & garrison – after I’m done with all of Claudia’s bibs and clothes your socks and underwear will be on my list!  ha ha