mental health day

blog7.jpg  Today should have been a busy teaching day, but at 9:00 a.m. my 9:30-11:00 students’ mother called to announce they were taking a “mental health day”….?  Um, Hi Mrs. Roberts…Matthew is still in bed and Rachel and I are still in our pajamas so we won’t be coming to piano lessons today…we’re taking a mental health day.

 I am still shaking my head in a little disbelief.  At least they were honest.  She could have said they were sick or the roads were too icy or some such thing.  But “we’re still in our pajamas” !?!?!?

Believe me, when I woke up an hour before my alarm clock [from alarm baby] I wanted to call in with a mental health day too, but there wasn’t anyone who was willing to pick up the slack.

But the day turned out well anyway – my friend came over to “babysit” Claudia for the one lesson that I did have at 11:00 and then she stayed for lunch and an afternoon of gab.  Very therapeutic — so I guess I got my mental health day after all!  Before my long afternoon of teaching again began…..


We’re practicing for Valentine’s day with this crazy headband.  Claudia actually likes it a lot.  Funny.

blog1.jpg  And here is a glimpse of a new fun thing to do when you’re watching American Idol and feeling guilty to be doing something sooooo not worth your time.  Embroidery!  Watch out Edison & garrison – after I’m done with all of Claudia’s bibs and clothes your socks and underwear will be on my list!  ha ha

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