e1.jpgStarting off with an update…we had a visit with our pediatrician and Edison has absolutely no hearing in his left ear externally, BUT when a tuning fork was pressed against his forehead he heard it more strongly in his left ear – this is a good sign (cover one ear with your hand and talk – or sing – and the covered ear is the one that hears more clearly inside your head)  so this means that things are probably functioning fine.  He has a lot of fluid in his ear but not really an ear infection.  So we’re just waiting a month and checking up on him again then.  His right ear couldn’t hear any low frequencies – so we’re glad that he is hearing some frequencies at all!!!  And we’re talking a bit louder around here for now. 


This is Claudia’s new favorite spot.  Inside the toy basket.  She REALLY likes her toys.  hee hee  🙂 

c4.jpg  c3.jpg  c2.jpg

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Rachel at this really fantastic place called Bountiful Bread – it is like a more posh Panera Bread.  Well, to  be more specific, I had about 2 full pots of coffee.  Not breakfast.  We got so busy talking that I never ordered anything to eat…and I just kept drinking more and more coffee…yum.  Does it seem like I’m typing really fast tonight?  🙂  Does anyone feel like talking at 3 am?  I’m sure I’ll still be awake…

Anyway, after our coffee we decided to go to a couple of the local thrift stores and vintage shops.  We found several treasures – she found a lot of fantastic clothes – tall brown boots with sherpa lining from the 70’s, a gorgeous Ann Taylor skirt and a killer reddish brown leather coat with 1/2 sleeves — I almost wrestled her for that but I resisted because she was jealous of my cool bags.  A Ralph Lauren chaps houndtooth check tote and this awesome green alligator bag.  Garrison’s mom got me a green alligator bag for Christmas (that I absolutely love) but it is only for “date nights” because it can’t hold all of the diapers/wipes/cheerios/sippi cups/books/toys/broken crayons/mints/wallet/cell phone/chapstick/lotion/late library books/used tissues that I usually tote around.  Now I can have a chic one for fancy nights out with my love and a bigger one for fancy daytrips to Target with the kiddos.  The light was bad while taking the pics, but you get the idea.  I also got an embroidered village scene footstool for $4.00.  Garrison will hate it, but I just couldn’t resist it.  It was too funny.  Perhaps if you’re really lucky you will get to see a picture of that too someday. 

chaps.jpg   green1.jpg

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