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Polly & Horton

bunny.jpg  I have become obsessed with making these little animals.  They’re multiplying like, well, like RABBITS!  This one snuck into Edison’s mailbox this morning as he requested one with a “blue shirt”.  He also wanted it to have blue eyes, blue legs, a blue nose and blue ears.  Maybe the next one…

Edison’s *special* friend, Kiaya just celebrated her 6th birthday.  Edison and I made a  trip to the store where he pored over the toy section to pick the perfect gift for her – a little Polly Pocket doll that came with her own sports car.  He was going to take it to school & give it to her on her birthday, but then he “remembered” on his way out the door that they aren’t allowed to bring gifts for each other to school [because of hurt feelings on the part of other kids]51f6twhieol__sl500_aa280_.jpg

So Kiaya tells Edison that he will be invited to her party – which is going to be “either Saturday or Sunday somewhere across from McDonalds” and that he should definitely come, but we never heard from Kiaya’s parents – so everytime that the phone rang in the last week Edison would come running – “Was it Kiaya’s mom?”  Well, Kiaya’s mom never called & we tried to explain to him that maybe it was a “family only” party, etc..etc…But to a 5 year old Birthday parties are “A BiG DEaL!”  And since we have never met Kiaya’s family I was not ballsy enough to call her and say – “my son thinks he is attending your daughter’s birthday party that he obviously wasn’t invited to…um, is he invited?”  So a disappointed Edison realized on Sunday afternoon that probably he was not going to get to go to her party.  To soften the blow we decided that I would take him to a movie (a rare treat indeed) and he and I hopped in the car and went to see “Horten Hears a Who” — Now a movie like that would normally come and go without me noticing it very much (let alone going to see it) but he & I both actually  enjoyed it.  I really noticed the parallels between Horton & my life sometimes as a believer in Jesus – everyone was making fun of Horton for believing in (and risking his life for) something that he couldn’t see, feel, touch and that he could hear (But THEY couldn’t).  The other animals in the jungle thought he was looney for his utmost commitment to what he believed in & his best friend even questioned him “Why can’t you be committed just 99% – just this once???”  The parallels end shortly thereafter, since I am not carrying around a tiny little world whose spokesperson is Steve Carrell, although how fun would THAT be!  🙂


More snow days….


Unbelievable to wake up to THIS this morning…ugh…Come on Spring!!!  Edison has the day off from school today (teacher in service day) and so we had plans to go meet Garrison for lunch in Albany but Garr called and said that the roads were “dangerous”….Sad.

But Claudia has been enjoying following Edison around the house all morning so she doesn’t mind staying home!  🙂


Claudia is sooo different than Edison was at this age.  I have recently been “catching” her walking.  She’ll walk across a room if no one is there, but as soon as she sees me she gets this impish grin on her face, plops down quickly and crawls to wherever she was heading.  If she doesn’t see me she walks all around.  I thought all of that sneaking around didn’t start until she became a teenager!  Crazy girls.  🙂

Just a regular Wednesday Morning

A snapshot of my morning on this cold March day…

We’re starting to blend in with the “locals” with our rotating collection of cars that need to be fixed and our “parts car” that always sits in residence on our driveway.   Here we are taking FULL advantage of the ONLY rule in our town – the one where you are only allowed 2 dead cars on your property at once.  Technically the white one isn’t dead, just in the middle of getting a new drive shaft.

car4.jpg  car2.jpg car1.jpg

From these pictures I can see why Garrison’s grandmother says we drive “jaloppies”  🙂 


Now this photo may look like an ordinary hole-y piece of wood – but last night it started out as a regular block of wood and at 4:30 Garrison woke up with a “something’s not quite right” feeling (I continued sleeping with the “I’m so exhausted” feeling) and he went around the house investigating.  When he went downstairs he saw smoke in the hallway and couldn’t find the source until he opened the garage door.  A timed switch had turned on and his work lamp was plugged into that outlet turning that hot light on – a light that was resting comfortably on this block of wood.  It was burnt completely through and there was smoke everywhere.  I’ll be working on airing out the house – and I’ll also be working on my ninja sleeping skills so that I can wake up at the slightest movement/smell of smoke and be ready to jump into action. 


Then we have our darling little snot-nosed one minding her own business, eating a piece of bread for breakfast….

 cl1.jpg cl11.jpg 

and ending up with a little bread Hitler mustache….


We have a big day ahead of us today with lots of busy-ness so I better get at it instead of sitting here just thinking about it….Happy Wednesday!

Friday afternoon fun

Here is a little glimpse into a rainy Friday afternoon in our house.  Please ignore the messy floor – and the fact that Edison picks his nose right in the beginning.

I don’t know how to get the fancy picture to show up – but basically this is a chance to see Claudia get down and get funky while listening to Edison’s soprano song stylin’


Edison just made his first phone call.  To a girl.  His love.  Kiaya.  🙂  I don’t think he’ll mind if I let you in on the whole phone conversation.  Don’t worry.  It’s short.

E:  Hello.  Could I please speak to Kiaya?  [awesome phone manners, eh?  I was so proud as I eavesdropped]

Mother of Kiaya:  Sure, hold on a minute…

Kiaya:  Hello?

E:  Hey Kiaya.  It’s me.  Edison.

K: Oh, hi.

E:  What are you doing?

K:  I just got out of my grandma’s car.

E: Oh.  OK.  See you in school on Monday.
K: OK.  Bye

E:  Bye

Edison – “Hey Mom?  Can I call her again tomorrow?”



This was one of my projects from Friday night after the munchkins went to bed — Garrison had to work until 3 a.m. (don’t ask – one of the downsides of being a computer tech guy) and I was enjoying one of my calmer Pandora Radio stations and cleaning & creating.   Edison loves getting mail and I found this cute little mailbox at Michael’s (my favorite store in the universe these days) so I decided to get it (the 90% off price helped me to not even think about it – 79 cents…no joke) and I quickly stickered it.  He got a Lego catalog & an Adventures in Oddysey cd in the mail today so I’m going to sneak the filled mailbox into his room and hope that he doesn’t wake up too early to tell me about it.  🙂  Anyone who is interested in sending mail to add to the box (Nonni?  Mimi?  Uncle Chris?  Easter Bunny?)  I’d be happy to sneak it in.  I’m planning on getting Garrison on board so we can write him notes of encouragement and “send” him little jokes, etc. 



“Can I please please please put a stinky diaper in his mailbox mom?”

  hide1.jpg  “Do I have a mailbox?  Is it under this carpet?  Huh mom?”