More snow days….


Unbelievable to wake up to THIS this morning…ugh…Come on Spring!!!  Edison has the day off from school today (teacher in service day) and so we had plans to go meet Garrison for lunch in Albany but Garr called and said that the roads were “dangerous”….Sad.

But Claudia has been enjoying following Edison around the house all morning so she doesn’t mind staying home!  🙂


Claudia is sooo different than Edison was at this age.  I have recently been “catching” her walking.  She’ll walk across a room if no one is there, but as soon as she sees me she gets this impish grin on her face, plops down quickly and crawls to wherever she was heading.  If she doesn’t see me she walks all around.  I thought all of that sneaking around didn’t start until she became a teenager!  Crazy girls.  🙂

One response to this post.

  1. i think i’d die if it snowed that much at this point into my Welcome Spring mindset… i’m sorry, my friend.


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