Polly & Horton

bunny.jpg  I have become obsessed with making these little animals.  They’re multiplying like, well, like RABBITS!  This one snuck into Edison’s mailbox this morning as he requested one with a “blue shirt”.  He also wanted it to have blue eyes, blue legs, a blue nose and blue ears.  Maybe the next one…

Edison’s *special* friend, Kiaya just celebrated her 6th birthday.  Edison and I made a  trip to the store where he pored over the toy section to pick the perfect gift for her – a little Polly Pocket doll that came with her own sports car.  He was going to take it to school & give it to her on her birthday, but then he “remembered” on his way out the door that they aren’t allowed to bring gifts for each other to school [because of hurt feelings on the part of other kids]51f6twhieol__sl500_aa280_.jpg

So Kiaya tells Edison that he will be invited to her party – which is going to be “either Saturday or Sunday somewhere across from McDonalds” and that he should definitely come, but we never heard from Kiaya’s parents – so everytime that the phone rang in the last week Edison would come running – “Was it Kiaya’s mom?”  Well, Kiaya’s mom never called & we tried to explain to him that maybe it was a “family only” party, etc..etc…But to a 5 year old Birthday parties are “A BiG DEaL!”  And since we have never met Kiaya’s family I was not ballsy enough to call her and say – “my son thinks he is attending your daughter’s birthday party that he obviously wasn’t invited to…um, is he invited?”  So a disappointed Edison realized on Sunday afternoon that probably he was not going to get to go to her party.  To soften the blow we decided that I would take him to a movie (a rare treat indeed) and he and I hopped in the car and went to see “Horten Hears a Who” — Now a movie like that would normally come and go without me noticing it very much (let alone going to see it) but he & I both actually  enjoyed it.  I really noticed the parallels between Horton & my life sometimes as a believer in Jesus – everyone was making fun of Horton for believing in (and risking his life for) something that he couldn’t see, feel, touch and that he could hear (But THEY couldn’t).  The other animals in the jungle thought he was looney for his utmost commitment to what he believed in & his best friend even questioned him “Why can’t you be committed just 99% – just this once???”  The parallels end shortly thereafter, since I am not carrying around a tiny little world whose spokesperson is Steve Carrell, although how fun would THAT be!  🙂


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