Signs of Spring

It’s finally starting to get warmer here.  Hooray!  [and by warmer to all of my southern friends, I mean the high-50’s…it’s all relative].  But the sun has been warm enough to  coax some beautiful little buds out of their hibernation underground.  When Edison saw some of the little green daffodil buds coming out of the ground he yelled “Mom!  Come quick!!!!  There are ‘signs of spring’ (must be kindergarten lingo b/c I don’t think I’ve actually ever said those words to him) – can I pick them?”  No baby.  Let’s let the flowers actually grow before we pick any.  And hopefully we’ll pick them before the goat gets to them.  Have I mentioned there are new baby goats?  Or that the other day I came home and there was a big horse & a pony GALLOPING around my yard!  GALLOPING PEOPLE!  I couldn’t even get out of my car for a few minutes until they went back to gallop on their own yard (which may I remind you is only 1 acre…and not fenced in…and on Route 20 – a major highway that goes from Boston to Oregon…Even though we’re “rural” it isn’t quite that  rural…)  But I digress….signs of spring are happy for the most part.  Neighbor animal invasion is not.


Yesterday Edison’s bus got into an accident – everyone was OK – but a driver in a car behind the bus was talking on his cell phone & drinking something (non-alcoholic -just distracting to him) and didn’t stop when the bus did, so he drove right into the bus.  It was a little frightening to me because Claudia & I were outside waiting for him to get home and we waved to the bus as it went west on the other side of the divided highway & then it is usually 3 minutes later that we see the bus coming towards us on a normal afternoon…only this time I was waiting 10.  Then 15.  Then 20 minutes…Then I went inside to get the phone that was ringing from the bus garage saying the bus had been in an accident but they wouldn’t give me any details other than (“We are under the impression that all of the kids are OK”) and I was also told that I wasn’t allowed to go get him (even though he was within 2 miles of my house).  40 minutes later he is delivered to our driveway via a new bus.  Grumpy & needing to pee.  But no worse for the wear.  🙂  Thank God! 


Claudia has officially entered (?) the stage where she will look back on her pictures as a teenager and be mad at me.  I can’t help it.  It’s like a disease.  It started out innocently enough with trying to figure out what to do with these wispy “bangs” that are growing like wildfire and are always in her eyes — so along came these tiny little ponytails [you may have to look closely as the picture is kind of dark]….

But then came the ribbons….I know they venture onto dorky territory but she is so dang funny looking in them that I keep putting them in her hair for a giggle.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nonni on April 10, 2008 at 11:02 am

    I know! It’s the spring wonderful! Glad there weren’t any serious consequences to the bus accident. I love the ribbons in Claudia’s hair, though she probably won’t show any of those pictures to her boyfriends 🙂


  2. Posted by Kristin on April 10, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    Ack! Boyfriends! Scary….


  3. Posted by Katie on April 13, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Ahem…as the mother of two bow-wearing daughters I must insist that bows are not dorky!!


    She looks really really cute!!


  4. i’m glad spring is finding it’s way to the northeast, i’ve heard it’s been a particularly long and cold winter. and i love that you put ribbons in claudia’s hair for your own amusement…fantastic!

    i’m doing well, just moved to sunny LA and am job searching. i was a production coordinator for a music producer in kansas city but the midwest was not a good fit for me. so, we’ll see if LA works out better. 🙂


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