School Break

So Edison had yet another week off from school this past week.  Not being a native New Yorker, I’m a bit perplexed about why there is so much time off from school during the spring and then the last day of school is JUNE 26th!  Seriously, June is supposed to have a solid chunk of summer vay-cay in it and we get something along the lines of TWO DAYS (b/c really, you shouldn’t be counting the weekend).  Anyway, we had a nice relaxed time hanging out (Edison, Claudia and I) but I got nothing done and the house looks like a tornado ripped through it.  Frightening.


Monday was spent [nearly ALL DAY] at a birthday party for his friend Ethan at Chuck E. Cheese.  I both love and hate Chuck E. Cheese.  I love that for years Edison thought it was Chuck E. Jesus.  I hate that there are so many blinking lights I always feel about one breath away from a seizure.  I love that the kids are so thrilled to be there they can’t stand still.  I hate that the kids can’t leave without a melt-down.  Edison, who is generally a bit shy in nature, was so excited for Chuck-ee to say “Happy Birthday” to Ethan that he kept hunting down employees until the giant stuffed rodent actually did make an appearance.  Although both boys were disappointed by the fact that he only waved and his mouth didn’t move. 


The rest of the week was filled with playdates (even Claudia had one with a fellow one year old), meeting dad for lunch in Albany and a trip to a local playground.


   “Whatchoo talkin’ about Willis?”



Here we are packed up and heading home after an afternoon with just a little too much fun for Claudia.  🙂  Edison and I made bets on how long it would take her to fall asleep on the way home since she was sooo wiped out.  Edsion won. 

Heading Home after a tiring afternoon.


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