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Much Needed R&R

So we’re home after a much needed holiday weekend.  Ready to face the days ahead.  🙂  Edison is ready to face the days ahead with a new BOUNCE in his step after spending most of the weekend at Nonni & Grandpa Jack’s house in this bounce house.

 Here he is with Garrison’s brother, Chris.



And some neighborhood kids….


 Garrison turned 34 on Sunday – Happy Birthday Geeves!  But the bounce house was not for his birthday party – hardy har har- This was simply bonus Memorial Day fun from Grandpa Jack’s new rental store. 


Claudia was the only one of us who did not enjoy the bounce house – even from the outside she was slightly confounded by the whole thing.

She kept her serious face on.  Just like her mama.



My life…as a snowglobe

Do you ever feel like you live in one of those kitschy little snowglobes and someone just came along and shook it? 


Well, here it is the month of my first BLog-iversary.  I can’t believe it has been a year since I started typing on these here hallowed spaces.  🙂  So many things change within a year and it is amazing to look back at all of the  moments that make up my life.  Big and small.


For those of you who know us, you know that we live here in upstate NY because the Lord led us to a wonderful church family in the middle of nowhere 8 1/2 years ago.  We have loved the family that Jesus gave to us.  They have laughed with us, prayed with us, rejoiced with us, mourned with us, encouraged and supported us.  They were there with balloons and baby gifts in the hospital, they were there with hugs and tears at Garrison’s father’s funeral.  They prayed with me that the Lord would open my barren womb and laughed in great JOY when we were blessed with our little angels.  They have loved us – seen through our weaknesses and have helped us to see Jesus more clearly.  His love.  His grace.  His divine purpose for our lives. 

I love my home, I love my life, I love my church family.  I truly thought I would be here the rest of my life.

But recently Jesus whispered into my heart,

He who loves mother or father more than Me is not worthy of Me.  He who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.  He who is not willing to take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.  He who finds his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for MY SAKE will find it. ”  Matt. 10  “Do you love Me more than these?  Are you willing to follow Me even if I ask you to give up this place that you love?  Will you go where I want you to go?”

With many tears we are following the most difficult thing that the Lord has asked of us yet.  Sparing you all of the lengthy details, here is the short version…After meeting with our pastor and the elders of our church the Spirit of God bore witness that He has a new plan for our family and we are going to be moving on from here.  I love the people here.  I feel safe here – it is the KNOWN and I am being called to the UNKNOWN.   But I must follow and obey my loving Saviour.  We’re unsure of our next step right now.  We’re pretty sure that we will be moving soon, but not exactly sure where.  It seems as though the Lord may be leading us away from this rural sanctuary and into somewhere closer to Albany but we’re still trying to figure out the details. 


I am trying to stay in a simple place of faith.  Not seeing and yet still believing.  God has been placing song after song in my heart for the last few weeks as we have been sorting through all of this.  All of these old hymns – Trust & Obey.  Tis so Sweet to TRUST in Jesus….and the latest is that old spiritual “I’m gonna Sing when the Spirit says “SING” I’m gonna sing when the Spirit says “Sing” I’m gonna Sing when the Spirit says “SING” and OBEY the Spirit of the Lord.”  I know He is the same God who led me to this wonderful place and I know that as I follow Him He will reveal more of Himself to me.  He is good even when my heart is sad.   And He is steady even when I am shaking. 

“Blessed Be your name, when the road’s paved with suffering.  When there’s pain in the Offering.  Blessed be your name!”


 Earlier this week when I checked Edison’s folder (where all information comes from Mrs. Nadeau to the parents) I had a strange experience.  There was both a letter home telling me of a discipline issue she had with Edison that day concerning the sandbox AND a letter telling me he was student of the week due to exemplary behavior during the week.  🙂  So here he is at “morning program” where he got to sit in a special spot in the gymnasium wearing his Miss America “HONESTY” sash…


And it’s all settled…our summer vacation [the first one our family has ever taken] is going to be happening in the beginning of July.  Here are some hints about where we’re road trippin’ off to…It’s the 9th largest state & has the lowest population.   Any guesses? 


A funny conversation with Edison…


E:  That must have been before I was adopted!

Me:  You weren’t adopted!  You grew in my belly.

E:  (horrified)  WHAT?????  I thought God gave me to you!

Me:  He did.  Just like He gave Claudia to us — remember how she grew in my belly?

E:  WHAT?!?    How come you never told me Claudia & I are TWINS!  I can’t believe I’m a TWIN!!!!  This is so great!

Happy Mother’s Day All….Hope it’s filled with lots of laughs.

More phonetic spelling

Yesterday Edison asked if he could make a label on my label maker.  I said, very distractedly, “Yeah sure.  You can make one

“OK” he said “I’ll make one that says Claudia’s name”


A few minutes later I realized I was still hearing the printing noise from the labelmaker.  I now have about 50 of these….



Nice spelling, huh?