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Last week Edison’s class won a trip to McDonalds for lunch & the families were all invited to attend as well, so Claudia and I put on our Hamburgler costumes and headed into town.¬† ūüôā


Here are some pictures of the madness fun.

     Edison does his best impression of the Vlassic pickle dude.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†Claudia’s first Happy Meal

¬† ¬†¬†¬† Claudia chillin’ with the big girls

¬† A little kindergarten mother who took over the care of Claudia ūüôā

   Edison rehydrates while the madness ensues behind him

   Taking a moment to check on sis


—- Oh, and on a different note, Katie has some¬†great news HERE —-


Fuzzy Chickens – too cute to eat

I had the first of 2 yard sales yesterday.¬† It was completely miserable – and I don’t know why I’m going to go through it again.¬† My best customer was our neighbor (who runs a year long “thrift shop” [yard sale!]) and they also helped me to set everything up.¬† She looked out her bedroom window and yelled “HEY!¬† Whatcha doin’ over there?”¬† and I yelled back “I’m stealing your customers!”¬† She then said – “I’ll be right over!”¬† So at 6:30 in the morning Garrison and I made peace with our neighbors.¬† I think they could finally relate to us over a yard sale.¬† The husband said to me “um, one of our dogs chased a chicken into your flowers there (a very thick crop of flowers and foliage that you can’t see through), so when she comes out don’t be alarmed.¬† Them there’s her chicks over there looking for her.”¬† And I looked over to see these tiny little white pieces of fluff walking around.¬† The chicken finally DID emerge at 11:55 a.m.¬† The funniest fuzzy beautiful white chicken I have ever seen.¬† It made me go all Martha Stewart and want to raise chickens.¬†

Seriously have you ever seen anything quite so Cute?¬†— this is a you¬†truveo video of one of these chickens in action.¬† I don’t know why I am such an idiot and can’t ever get the you tube picture to SHOW UP in my blog.¬† So, anyway, you know you love chickens so watch this.


I won’t miss the goats when we move, but I think I might just miss this chicken.


Home is where your Friends Are

Lots has been going on here in Roberts-land¬†(where there is much of the excitement of Disney-land, but with much shorter lines for the bathroom and fewer giant animal mascots).¬† ūüôā


Our house has sold.¬† We’re meeting with a realtor tonight to look at 6 houses in Saratoga Springs.¬† I am frantically packing & sorting.¬† Getting up early (5:30 this morning to get boxes at the local grocery store) and staying up late to get things done without all of the wonderful “help” I receive throughout the day from my VERY active 17 month old.¬† Her FAVORITE thing to help me with is to take things out of the boxes I have packed, look at them and place them neatly back onto the floor.¬†

When she is not doing that, she enjoys removing prices from yard sale items or just climbing like a maniac onto windowsills and other dangerous places.


In the past two weeks I have had the best REUNIONS with dear friends from college.¬† Two weeks ago I had breakfast with my beloved friend Jodie.¬† She was up “north” visiting with family and we were able to squeeze a breakfast date in.¬† It was so lovely and spa-like to be up in the early morning drinking coffee and talking with a friend who has known me for what seems like FOREVER and just “catch up” on all of the things that take to long to explain when you aren’t face to face.

Then this past Saturday our friends Jon & Jill drove in from Philadelphia for a day trip to visit before they flit off to London for the next several years.  Garrison made us all Cajun Chicken Alfredo (YUM!) and I was able to sit and relax (!) and just talk & laugh.  Jon is one of these people who can make me laugh until my stomach hurts and so it always makes me feel 10 years younger to talk to him and I Sooooooo enjoyed getting to know Jill better.  Jill has to be one of the kindest people in the world because she passed the Claudia test (claudia CHOSE to be with Jill over even Garrison & I Рa rare occurence indeed and real proof that she is at least as lovely as Barney Рone of the only things that will interest Claudia enough to stop her in her tracks).  hee hee. 

This was the shot when Jon & Jill heard we were having CHEESECAKE from Junior’s in NYC.


OK – and here is another way our life is like Disneyland.¬† It’s a Small World After All.¬† Jon & Jill are living (for this month before they head out to London) with someone who went to my VERY small high school in Cocolamus (Cocoa-Lame-Us) Pennsyl-tucky.¬† Very rural.¬† Chicken & Waffles rural.¬† Most people have the same last name rural.¬†


OK – ready for the amazing news?¬†¬† We already have a buyer for our house.¬† We aren’t going to need a realtor after all.¬† Crazy stuff, eh?¬† God moves fast sometimes.

a bump in the road

So we were all excited .¬† Two appointments to look at the two houses we had finally narrowed our choices down to (after hours upon hours of online house hunting)…and we just found out [all of you smart people probably already know this] — OUR house has to already BE on the market in order for us to make an offer for another house.¬† Not sold.¬† Just, um, selling itself.¬† Sigh.¬† Well, no sane person would want to buy this house in its current condition because it looks like a tornado hit it.¬† So, no drive to Saratoga tomorrow.¬† Instead I will be begging all of the local stores for even more boxes (PLEASE MORE BOXES…Pretty Please?), trying to settle on realtor, figuring out how I am going to survive¬†my student’s piano recital AND a yard sale on the same weekend¬†and getting ready for my fun break in the late afternoon when our¬†fun friends Jon and Jill come for a visit.