Days 1 & 2

The first day of our vacation was in the expected road trip style…driving.  We started early in the morning in Pennsylvania and just logged mile upon mile through PA, Ohio, Indiana & landing somewhere in Illinois for some much needed sleep. 


The second day we got into Iowa (the most BORING state to drive through – if I saw one more endless corn field I was ready to poke myself in the eye with a skewer…

Iowa did have one redeeming factor.  The World’s Largest Truck Stop.  And of course, we had to check it out.  It included anything you could possibly need and many things I might never need (Dogomatic dog wash, anyone?)  The one thing it did not have was a Freakin’ POSTCARD of the place.  Garr & I decided that Iowa did not share our sense of humor about the place and so did not feel necessary to sell postcards of this kitschy treasure. 

        Not one, but TWO Grover puppets for sale!


  Always the tourist family….

 Hay (?) under the parked car….


After a long long long trek through Iowa we headed north to South Dakota along the Nebraska border.  My mother insisted for quite sometime that we were actually IN Nebraska.  If so, I still can’t figure why all of the signs were boasting of South Dakota sites.  Maybe Nebraska has a REALLY low self-esteem…NEBRASKA!  Gateway to South Dakota!  Not really thinking about the fact that South Dakota was not highly populated we drove right past Sioux Falls (the first big “city” that we ran into) and quickly realized our error as we had to keep driving, and driving, and driving to find a hotel.  HOWEVER, it was awesome because we landed at a Holiday Inn Express that had only been open 4 DAYS and had a 3 story waterslide.  Whoopie!!!!     

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