South Dakota, Part 2

  We started off the day with a trip to Mt. Rushmore.  If you ever go to Mt. Rushmore, do NOT go on the day of their annual fireworks where people start arriving at 4 a.m. to claim their spot.  People are quite aggressive on that day.  So we didn’t stay long (in fact we didn’t even get out of our cars – so this photo was snapped out of the window as we drove slowly by…)  Click.

  So on we went to the Crazy Horse monument.  The kids actually liked it there despite the looks on their faces.

  This thing is so gigantic.  I think the specs were that the Mt. Rushmore faces could fit in his head 4 times or something crazy like that.  Crazy like Crazy Horse.  🙂  This place is a “work in progress” and so they were, er, working on it still.

  Cool Native American dancing in the back.  Edison particularly enjoyed the “chicken dancer” [I am not entirely convinced he was trying to represent a chicken]

  And as if that were not enough tourism for ONE DAY!!!  We ventured on to Deadwood, SD – a fun old (gambling) cowboy town. 

This cowboy singer was actually quite good.  He and Claudia became buddies b/c she was SO excited about his music that she started wiggling, clapping, dancing, and singing along.  I don’t think that cowpoke had seen that much excitement from an audience member (who wasn’t drunk) for quite some time.


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