4th of July Spectacular! Rodeo AND Rupert!

The Fourth of July in Wyoming was amazing – we first started out by going to a real live rodeo.  A rootin’ tootin’ good time was had by all…




My brother Mark with his wife, Heidi & their children Adeline and Ilya.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  🙂

Then the CRAZIEST thing happened….Jodie, YOU are going to love this!  We went into a bar & grille for dinner.  I’m sitting there minding my own business looking across the table at my mom and my niece and I catch a glimpse of this GUY who is SOOO familiar…then I hear his laugh and I think “holy crap!  I know who that is”  So I get out my camera and start taking pictures of everyone at the table so that this guy doesn’t think I’m creepily taking pictures of HIM.   Even though I was.  Look closely.  Behind my mom.  Look again and squint.  Do you recognize him?

    Yes, it is!!!!  RUPERT from SURVIVOR the pirate year! 

He was still wearing that gross tie dye shirt and honestly, I’m not sure how many times he has showered since survivor.  Dude, we’re not on a deserted island anymore.  Oh well.  I was still a bit star struck.


My dad & Rupert.  Who would have ever thought they’d have THAT picture.

You know you wanted to meet him too….


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