devil’s tower – (bear lodge)

Going to Devil’s Tower was like the holy grail of the trip for us.  The whole idea of going to Wyoming started with a picture of Devil’s Tower and Edison saying that he wanted to slide down it.  Leave it to the white man to name it “devil’s tower” when the Native American people groups all had a name for it that involved a bear (it looks like a giant bear scratched its claws along it).  So my dad kept telling everyone “we went to bear lodge today.”  Or when asked “have you seen devil’s tower yet?”  He would belligerently say, “no I didn’t see Devil’s tower, but Bear Lodge was amazing.”  There is a slightly less than 2 mile hike/walk around the base of it that we were able to walk with the kids – but the coolest thing was seeing the people rock climbing up the side of it!



It is seriously impossible to get a nice family photo of us.  It’s like photographing wild boars.

       Where’s Edison?  (Mom looks annoyed)  


   Garr & Claudia look good – once again Mom & Edison are being goofy.  I think I was pointing at the camera and telling my dad how to work it.  “Hold the button Down!”


      Scratching my head.  Sun still in the son’s eyes….

    This one will have to do.

 Now this old gal always photographs well.

  This place is too cool.  We have a very creative God.

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