Sundance, WY

 When we were in Sundance, WY (the home of the Sundance Kid) we stayed in this Amazing Bed & Breakfast.  There were 3 log cabins, so each family had their own space and then we could hang out together outside at the picnic table or up on the mountains (the kids favorite spot to hike up to).  We watched fireworks up on the mountain until we started to freak ourselves out about snakes and coyotes.  Then we moved to the safety of the front porches of the cabins.  Garrison & Edison went into town and made friends with some of the “locals” who were shooting off their own fireworks up and down main street (not illegal in WY on the 4th).

  This is the view of 2 of the 3 cabins – my parents stayed in the “honeymoon” cabin that was tucked away a bit – from a short hike up one of the hills.

  We still needed our coffee and were thrilled to find this place in town.  You would understand how thrilled we were since Sundance has only  one street.  And the local population town signs said things such as “Aladdin:  Population 15”  The funny thing about this place was that it was closed the evening we rolled into town, so we went to one of the 2 only restaurants in town “the CRISPY TACO” – we had some tacos, talked to the owners a bit and went back to our cabins.  The next morning when we went into town, the woman behind the coffee counter said “Hey, you guys are still in town?”  It was the same owners from the Crispy Taco.  I think this is Garrison’s dream job…coffee in the morning, tacos at night….

    My Mom & I hanging out waiting for our lattes.

  My Sister-in-Law Heidi already enjoying her latte.


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