Piney Creek

After our amazing weekend in Sundance we headed further west, to Story, WY.  On the way we stopped in Buffalo, WY – which, you would think would be named for the giant animals that were all over that part of Wyoming…but no, in that crazy Old West way, the townspeople put a bunch of names into a hat and pulled out the name “Buffalo” – named for Buffalo, NY.  We wandered through the Occidental Hotel (a really cool old hotel where lots of famous people used to stay, including Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane and  Teddy Roosevelt).  The historical element to this place was really fascinating – including the back rooms that were the brothel and the back staircase for the customers to sneak out!

Then we headed to our next bed & breakfast in Story, WY.  Let me just say, I would NOT recommend any of my friends to stay there…so if you hear me telling someone they should stay there, well, then you know how I feel about that person.  ha ha.  It was a bed & breakfast where breakfast was NOT included (shouldn’t that technically just be called a “bed”?), dog food all over the place, plastic over the beds which we were instructed “to make yourselves if you want tuh use ’em”, giant barking dogs outside (hence, the dog food), appliances all covered with towels (to discourage you from actually using them), unfriendly “hosts”  — only smile I saw was when we handed them the credit card —


Garrison tried to kindly express some dissatisfaction with our stay (I won’t get into all of the details) and they called him a “liberal” (as an insult?) because he was from New York.  Honestly, he just wanted toilet paper.  Is that so wrong?  Are the conservatives against toilet paper?  Maybe the LIBERAL use of toilet paper…

  Claudia, a little concerned about the big scary dogs…

  Stay away.  Far far away.  And don’t believe the bit about breakfast.  Unless you want to pay $5.00 a person.  We decided that for the 6 of us, we’d rather give our $30 to Perkins.

  Mimi & Pop Pop making the best of the situation…Actually the smiles come from the fact that we survived the night and are ready to get going to the NEXT location.


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