Bighorn Mountains

 Millie up in the Bighorn Mountains.  She was such a trooper.

 No, this is not grass…this is the top of a bazillion tall evergreens.  This photo taken right before I passed out from lack of oxygen.  hee hee.

 Along the way we had to stop for a 10 minute break for construction, so of course we all hopped out of the car to make friends with the sign holder.  That is my dad way in the background (in the cowboy hat – he was in his glory) chatting it up with another carload of people.

  Here he is “pretending” to eat a bite of this girl’s sandwich.  Notice the “I’m laughing and crying at the same time” look of sheer PANIC on her face.  Please sir, don’t eat my sandwich…I’m on the top of a mountain with no other Subway restaurant to go to.  And I’m hungry.

 One side of the Bighorns is like travelling through Switzerland.  Then you head into the western part of the mountains and hit this.  Amazing.

 These shots were taken out the car window at 60 mph.  So, um, not the best quality, but still…

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