loose toof

I don’t think that I have mentioned that Edison lost his TWO bottom front teeth.  He is feeling pretty excited about the fact that he is “growing bigger” – Here’s a picture of the first aforementioned new space in his mouth.  He lost this one somewhere in Minnesota – right around the SPAM museum.  No connection though.

  Here E is, a tad bit concerned about the loss…  And then after being told that he’s going to get a quarter for it…(the tooth fairy is cheap in our house – that ‘s what I got when I was a kid 30 YEARS ago – dang, has she not been paying attention to INFLATION???).


Garrison came home with the new Sheryl Crow Cd – DETOURS – to help me get a groove on while packing.  And it is FANTASTIC.  I highly recommend it – very happy feel good bouncy moody love infested catchy makes you want to dance and clap your hands kind of music.  Out of Our Heads makes me HAPPy.


He just went back up to Saratoga for another week.  What happened to the 08-08-08 closing date you ask?  Good question oh keen observer.  The seller went on a 2 week vacation and was UNABLE to ATTEND the closing.  All I can say is that it better be because she is an Olympic weightlifter or synchronized swimmer because otherwise that is JUST whack.


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