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Pancakes to welcome fall



There are some nights when you need pancakes for dinner, then there are nights when you need pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles made into a funny face for dinner.


This was one of those nights.  🙂



Claudia’s were slightly more healthy.  (Don’t tell her though).  She got vanilla yogurt instead of whipped cream – however to keep it festive, she did get a few sprinkles of her own!


Mine were delicious (no picture – sorry) with vanilla yogurt, cinnamon and toasted pecans.


WELCOME FALL!  My favorite season of all!


An autumn morning

An Autumn morning’s walk to the bus stop.  I love this time of year.  The air is just the right temperature (and smell) and the colors are so fantastic!


Claudia loves to sit on our front steps after we walk back from the bus stop.  This morning she plopped down to eat the rest of her raisin bagel.  I love her grin with her mouth FULL of bagel.  She looks like such a cute little elf.  🙂


Taking some time to explore the leaves on the ground.  One got stuck on her hand….

It once was lost, but now is found



This is Claudia’s blanket.  It goes EVERYWHERE with us – to the bus stop in the mornings (and the afternoons!), to the store, to the kitchen, and of course to nap time.  At any given moment in the day I may look over to see Claudia walking around wrapped up tight in her blanket.  She LOVES this blanket.  It is a hand-me-down blanket that was lovingly handmade – sweet little birds quilted on one side backed by a vintage care bear fabric. 


Last night I took Edison and Claudia on a long walk through an unfamiliar part of Saratoga.  We walked and walked and walked and walked – up one street, down another, meandering through business and residential areas.  We headed back to the car (we were right “in town” to go to an appointment that we were early for) and I put Claudia in her carseat and realized – THE BLANKET WAS GONE!!!!  Missing!  Now, I needed to remember EXACTLY which streets I wandered through and we prayed (LITERALLY) that we would find this blanket.  Claudia will sometimes see the blanket laying on the floor in the living room where she has dropped it and throw herself on it LAUGHING – she is that much in love with this blanket.  We drove.  SLOWLY.  With cars behind me honking their horns (and probably calling me the least respectable name they could think of!)  but it didn’t matter.  WE HAD TO FIND THE BLANKET.  Finally, we came to a turn and there it was crumpled on the sidewalk – looking sadly abandoned.  I jumped out of the car (more honking and choice words filling the air behind me) and threw it into the backseat with Claudia.  She clapped and laughed and we sped off to our appointment.  Arriving a few minutes late but with a very happy child.

the search is on

Sometimes we don’t think things through all of the way.  We do not have a couch to sit on in the living room, but we are the proud owners of this beautiful new outdoor patio set – 2 chairs, a loveseat, a “coffee” table and a gorgeous matching drinks cooler.  I am enjoying my time outdoors but would also love a place to sit whilst indoors.  Say, on a RAINY day.  Currently I sit on a folding chair or the piano bench.   I am looking for a couch, but it is such a COMMITMENT.  I need something that will look good in our living room – basically it needs to look good with the grand piano.  I’m thinking maybe a pattern of some type.  I saw one on something like a Guardisil ad that I liked.  Should I go to the furniture store – do you have that couch that is on that ad about preventing cervical cancer?  And then there is the factor that Garrison and I usually have very DIFFERENT ideas about what we would like to see in our furniture, which is why we pretty much NEVER buy ourselves anything (that and the fact that they all cost real M O N E Y S).  So I see a big graphic pattern in my head and he sees a plain manly leather couch.  And I think, well, he is the one who is bringing home the bacon…But I do love me a pop of color somewhere. 


He saw this outdoor set in a store and called me saying that he just sat on it and it was THE MOST COMFORTABLE patio set he had ever set his behind on.  And he was going to wheel and deal end of season style and then bring it home.  It wasn’t his favorite LOOKING set – this is the difference between a man and a woman.  Honey, sometimes you sacrifice COMFORT for FASHION.  Two Words.  HIGH HEELS.  Life lessons learned early as a woman.  But don’t get me wrong – we are loving this patio set.  It is just a little more TRADITIONAL looking than we would normally be drawn to.  But in our home we have consistently picked “practical” – i.e. good price, comfortable chair, seats 8 around the table, etc.  OVER what we are artistically drawn to.  I don’t know why this is, but it is a bad habit that has caused us to have all sorts of mish-moshy things that we don’t really love.  About a year ago I determined that I WOULD NOT do that anymore.  I would wait for the “perfect” thing that I LOVED.   When we get close to buying something I get cold feet…So this dream couch is a commitment.  I need something that I want to look at.  AND something that is REALLY comfortable to sit on.  AND something that we can afford.  CAN THE STARS ALIGN FOR ME?  This is where Garrison and I balance each other out.  I would always pick something for how much I enjoy looking at it rather than comfort.  He would always pick the comfort.  So if we can get our act together we will join forces against the evils of no place to rest our weary bones and find a dang couch that is all of that and a bag of chips.

Birthday School Treats



These are the birthday treats we sent in for Edison’s class at school.  Rice Krispie treats on a stick with sprinkles.  Edison loved them but declared them TOO MESSY TO EVER EAT AGAIN.  Sorry, Ms Brown. 


This is the difference between my very particular 6 year old and my very relaxed 22 month old.  She would have been wearing these on her head and smooshing the mess into her ears.  The messier the better.  Nothing in her world will ever be declared TOO MESSY TO EAT.

And then he was 6

Dear Edison,


Can you believe it was 6 years ago today that you came boldly into this world?  Of course, you took your time – being nearly 3 weeks “overdue” – but once you arrived you were full speed ahead!  Dad & I are so proud of your sweet unselfish ways – the way that you are always looking out for Claudia and preferring her.  You are a good friend and love people deeply.  You are helpful and always look on the bright side.  We rarely ever hear you complain.   Your 5th year of life was a big one!  Losing your first 2 teeth.  Traveling to Wyoming.  Going to (and FINISHING) kindergarten.  Learning to ride a bike.  Learning to read chapter books.   Moving to a new house.  Starting first grade in a New School.  Making lots of new friends.


So here is a toast to your 6th year!  May it be full of wonder and surprises.  And may your brain not get fried from the video games you always want to play.


I love you,


Party Party Party

                    Our Chuck E Cheese party was not too painful (except to the checkbook).  We came home by 12:30 and I was all like, Hey, I don’t have anything to do.  FANTASTIC – I am excited.  Garrison’s grandma sent Edison 100 dollars (!!!!  to a 6 year old???) for a shopping spree.  MY DREAM AS A CHILD!  (Wait – that still sounds like a good dream to me.  My DREAM AS AN ADULT!)  Anyway we let him get a Leapster (a video game disguised as a learning system) and he has been silent all afternoon.  Frying his brain.  We can feel better about ourselves as parents by saying that he is, er, learning something….right?  I will have to set up some rules/limitations on this thing, but I think I’ll wait until his birthday weekend is over.  I’m lazy good like that.
The rocket ship cake was a big hit.  Especially when we lit the candles and the rocket looked like it was BURNING UP into the atmosphere.  Extremely exciting to 6 year old boys.  So exciting, in fact that they all LEANED IN and blew them out.  Poor Edison didn’t get to, you know, make a wish or anything like that.  But there’s always tomorrow (his ACTUAL birth date).  So I’ll put a big old candle on a leftover slab of fuselage or whatever cake-iness is left over.  I think I may go make some coffee and do some more damage on that chocolatey confection.
I wish I had some better pictures, but, the lighting in Chuck E Cheese was not really conducive to good photograpy.  Can you believe that?  😉  The cake was chocolate with extra choc chunks thrown in for good measure.  The “earth” was a banana nut muffin top drenched in frosting.  Yum.  One boy was very excited that he got to eat THE WHOLE WORLD…. hahahahahahahahahahahaha….evil 6 year old villain laugh.